What is the “15-Minute Nose Job” and How Does it Work?

November 18 23:30 2021

For several people, who are unhappy with their nose, the thought of getting surgery is quite painful. Moreover, they also get worried about the cost, complications, and risks associated with this surgery. Most of the patients report infection, breathing issues, and black eyes after undergoing a surgical procedure. However, it doesn’t mean that people worried about their nose shape cannot find a reliable solution to enhance the structure. The 15-minute nose job can be a perfect solution for changing the existing shape of the nose.

With the advancements in technologies, the options to improve the structure and appearance of the nose have increased. The professionals these days can execute non-surgical nose jobs just within 15 minutes, and they promise sustainable and outstanding results. Dr. Ash Labib has been working in this field for the past 30 years, and he is known for making the finest corrections of lumps, bumps, and curves. The non-surgical nose job requires fillers, and professionals inject them to specific areas of the nose to achieve the expected appeal. This is one of the most trustworthy solutions to address the issues like asymmetry, drooping nasal tips, and a small bump on a temporary basis.

Dr. Ash Labib is known for his extraordinary skills to execute 15-minute nose jobs with the highest perfection, and he also trains other professionals in the medical field to carry out this treatment accurately. The main reason to use non-surgical rhinoplasty is that it is an excellent choice for people that are looking for some affordable and excellent choice to alter the shape of their nose without any surgery. As the name indicates, the procedure takes just 15 minutes to execute; however, the results can last from 9 months to 1.5 years. The clients can start observing the results immediately after the treatment.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves re-contouring, re-shaping, and modeling the nasal structure without using any invasive procedure. The procedure includes the safe placement of dermal fillers between the skin, nose cartilage, and bone to correct some unwanted deformities. The dermal filler used in a 15-minute nose job is basically hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally available below the skin layer. Therefore, it gets easier to treat the patient within very little time by filling the liquid in the desired area of the nose.

For those who have spent several years of their life disliking their nose, this advanced cosmetic procedure can be a relaxing solution. The patients can book an appointment with the experts at the AL Aesthetics platform and get their nose job done within very little time. This treatment is suitable for both males and females above the age group of 30.

The procedure used for liquid rhinoplasty is simple and convenient in comparison to surgical rhinoplasty. The patients can discuss their expectations with the doctor in advance. The procedure can be used to improve the shape of the bridge, sides, and tip or the nose. Whether patients are interested in smoothing out the small bumps, making the tip more prominent, or adding some volume to the nose, this non-surgical procedure can provide desired results with ease. Additionally, it can be used to smoothen the nose contours.

The patients may experience little redness, swelling, and pain in the area where dermal fillers are injected during treatment; however, it starts settling down just within one or two hours. Patients can bring an ice pack to the clinic to use after the treatment as it can provide great relief from redness and bruising while minimizing inflammation as well. The main reason to use rhinoplasty is that you need not worry about any downtime. One can get back to work right after the treatment and enjoy normal activities without any trouble. Note that most of the filler ingredients get dissolved in the skin layers within six months; only very few may sustain up to 3 years. The results of this treatment are not permanent; therefore, it is more suitable for people who are looking for some temporary solution to handle the embarrassing shape of their nose.

About Dr. Ash Labib:

Dr. Ash Labib is the founder of AL Medical Academy, and he has trained thousands of medical professionals over the years. He has a huge experience of 30 years in Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeries. Furthermore, he is a renowned cosmetic specialist with huge knowledge about nose augmentation procedures. Dr. Ash has treated several complicated cases in his career, and he has a huge satisfied client base in the region. Interested people can book a free consultation online and discuss their requirements with Dr. Ash. He can provide a customized solution for the non-surgical cosmetic treatment depending upon the current condition and structure of the nose. Dr. Ash is also an International Ambassador for Allergen, and his main role is to deliver training to medical professionals on modern age facial aesthetics at both national and global levels. 

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