Self-Funded Pandemic Business by College Student Grows to Six-Figure Venture

November 17 08:45 2021

Take a minute to Imagine building a business as a full-time college student, demanding and challenging, right? Imagine building that business in a pandemic with no funding from anyone and yet hitting six figures in 8 months. Unimaginable! Yet possible; Eve Gay, the founder of Stoned Fine Jewelry, proves it is.

Being a full-time college student Eve Gay started the jewelry company, Stoned Fine Jewelry, propelled by her inner passion for fashion at an early age. With a failed clothing design internship, she ventured into making her dream a reality.

Starting with no funding in March, just at the beginning of the pandemic and after returning to Jacksonville, she developed the idea for her business. In November, Eve Gay launched the online luxury jewelry, Stoned Fine Jewelry.

Within a short span after its launch, Stoned has grown and spread into boutiques, especially in Jacksonville. It has become a notable jewelry brand and was recently featured on the February 2021 cover of Playboy South Africa. Another notable feat within its quick launch was having celebrities like Ireland Baldwin, sport her pieces on the pages of People, DailyMail, and Luxury magazines. For Eve, starting this business was born out of motivation not to fail.

“I wake up and think; nobody’s gonna do anything for me. I have to do it myself. I’m gonna grind as hard as I can right now, and in five years, I’ll be thanking myself,” says Eve.

Since the pandemic, shopping luxuriously has gone contactless and made easier with the arrival of Stoned. Beating expectations and smashing goals, this online luxury jewelry store went on to gather fame for its unique designs and modern twist on everyday classics.

Also featured in the store are Eve’s thoughtfully designed collection of bespoke bridal, engagement rings and other exquisite jewelry pieces. Every piece in the collection has been handcrafted and designed, and clients are welcome to ask for their dreams to be converted to jewelry. Stoned’s concierge service gives clients the ability to chat online with skilled diamond experts to make their dreams a reality all from the comfort of their home.

With entrepreneurial skills, proven track record and potential within a short time, Stoned Fine Jewelry by Eve Gay is well on its way to becoming a notable global brand. Her glaring potential has earned her a feature in articles like the DailyMail, People magazine, Authority Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle Magazine, speaking on panels at Princeton University and interviews on podcasts like Crying in Public and Hotter in person.

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