On November 20th, Japanese company Yinshan Co., Ltd. will release the consumer-grade robot dog “Aladdin”, only 9999 US dollars.

November 17 00:27 2021

Tokyo, Japan – After Boston Dynamics’ robots were resold many times, another Japanese company release a consumer-grade robotic dog called “Aladdin”.

The price is 1 million yen in Japan and US$9,999 in the United States. The first batch is limited to 2000 units and will be delivered in the second quarter of 2022.


It is reported that the “Aladdin” robot dog can go upstairs and downstairs, and can pass through mountains and other terrains. In addition, it can carry 5kg items or various sensors.


“Aladdin” is shaped like “Marvel”, with a sense of future technology.So “Iron Man” also has a pet dog.


It also adds a voice module, which can complete the command function according to voice.


Home care model and spatial companion, with the functions of intrusion alarm, housekeeping and patrol, and can provide security guard.

5 sets of depth vision, radar and various sensors, with the functions of shopping, express delivery and so on.

Aladdin has a “soul” that can talk, dance and learn independently, unlocking skills such as “space companion”.

Yinshan Co., Ltd. announced that “Aladdin” consumer-grade robotic dog allows many people to have a companion robotic dog. Pre-orders will be accepted on November 20th, and only American and Japanese users will be pre-ordered. The first batch of robot dogs is limited to 2000 units. Later we will accept bookings from more countries.

If you like it, you can learn about our Aladdin robot dog. The robot dog can be received as soon as the second quarter of next year.

It is expected that there will be an “Aladdin” model after the “Aladdin” robot dog.

Yinshan Co., Ltd. develops robots and artificial intelligence. For the first time, it has developed a four-legged consumer-grade robotic dog. According to reports, commercial-grade robotic dogs will be listed subsequently.

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