Moon-preneur and Poet Angel Bey Announces Release of New Single Titled “That Part,” Hints on a Book Release

November 16 18:16 2021
Angel Bey is a visionary; and she uses any artistic genre she can to convey her insightful, educational, fact-telling perspective. In her newly published book “That Part” she uses poetry to convey truths, ideas, and bring understanding to her newfound readers

As the title says moon-preneur, it should be no surprise that the title of her book is also her brand; which has also released a song in July 2021 titled “That Part” same message.

If you ask yourself what is a moon-preneur? You have to read the book to understand why!

The art form and its uses of expression; whether it be art, poetry, music, dance, film, etc., can be limited to describing the perspective and thoughts of its creator due to the limited understanding and lack of acceptance as absolute truth by society. Societal fear of creating a safe place for truth has created confusion, to completely know oneself, as a part of the larger whole.  To be able to walk the path of self-discovery, that the emotions serve as a legitimate function to give meaning to existence/life and reality is not an easy thing to do. Understand!

A better understanding of a different way “. . . acceptance of the things that you cannot change and that predates your existence” (Angel Bey) of life should not be condemned as a threat, but should instead be embraced as a possibility to grow and evolve spiritually. This is the message behind “That Part,” brand by Angel Bey, which has released the same title song in July 2021. Today, Angel Bey is thrilled to announce that she will be releasing a new book with the same title as the single she released in July.

The book “That Part” was released on October and will be the symbol and message of the various aspects of life from the lens of Angel, which according to her includes the good, bad, ugly, and lies. In both the single and book edition, Angel Bey seeks to answer why each part is important; while providing a whole lot of understanding to get to the truth.

Angel hopes that anyone who is confused about life or having a hard time accepting who they are and where they are in life; finding some new perspective can help. Letting go of . . ., and finding your place within the whole and embracing ‘That Part’. “That Part” is a comprehensive and resourceful life hack.

For Angel, ‘That Part’ is not only a book title or single but a people-focused brand. Speaking about the future of the ‘That Part’ brand, Angel Bey had this to say, “Shortly, we hope to launch an education course. An in-depth look into the many parts of life. To help awaken the senses, unlock the conscious, and bring awareness to the hidden perspectives in this life that can help you understand the saying – life is but a dream.”

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About Angel Bey

Angel Bey grew up in a family of 5 mom, dad, twin sister, and a younger sister. As a young adult, she always had the desire to be an entrepreneur; as if it was her life’s calling and purpose. While on the journey of self-discovery and understanding, she came into the knowledge of the true divine spiritual understanding of herself; then later, the world around her.

Angel’s understanding of God grew with the understanding that to be created in the divine image of God would mean that she is a created God in her own form and likeness; special to the handcrafting of the God up above.

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