KOIOS Announces The Launch Of New Air Purifiers For Big Rooms

November 16 15:16 2021
Providers of innovative air purifiers and humidifiers, KOIOS, launch their 4L humidifiers and air purifiers for large spaces in the home

KOIOS recently launched two products – a cold mist air humidifier and essential oil diffuser and air purifier for large rooms. The products are already doing well on Amazon with reviews coming from buyers in different parts of the world. Both air purifying solutions have features that have made them particularly popular in a relatively short while.

The KOIOS 4L Humidifiers UHM-JS02 is designed as a versatile air humidifier and diffuser, with a unique design and structure to prevent leaks and improve safety while creating a healthy, pleasant environment. The patented design ensures no bubbling or drip noise, with the night light offering a relaxing glow, ideal for bedroom or nursery. The humidifier is also making waves in the market, judging by the reviews from users.

I like that this humidifier can use regular tap water (no need for distilled) and it is a cool mist unit not hot steam. It is very quiet and easy to clean. It’s great that you can disassemble this unlike other humidifiers where you can’t clean every part easily. It came well packaged as the unit was bubble wrapped neatly. I will be recommending this to my friends as this is the best humidifier I’ve ever used!” said Melinda K.

The other new addition to the KOIOS family is the KOIOS Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom, which was introduced amidst amazing reception from buyers. “It is super lightweight and pretty small for the 430 square foot area it is supposed to purify. It’s smaller than a family-sized cereal box. It’s really quiet and only makes any noise when on the highest setting. Simply sounds like a soft fan. We’ve been hit hard with wildfires in my area and our house has been Smokey smelling. This cleaned the air up in a matter of an hour. I couldn’t smell any traces of smoke. Also great that it doesn’t expel ozone! Highly recommend,” said Tennaye N. Kaeser.

The energy-saving and ultra-quiet advanced H13 HEPA Air Filter is designed to eliminate allergies, pet dander, smoke, dust, pollen, odor, wildfire smoke, and VOCs, with high-efficiency levels to cover large rooms, with 3 air changes per hour at 430 square feet and 6 air changes per hour at 215 square feet.

KOIOS has also been rated high for their 800W 4-in-1 Multifunctional Immersion Hand Blender, ranked amongst the top 10 blenders in its category, due to its fantastic features and functionalities.

For more information about the KOIOS brand and the products offered, visit – https://koiosshop.com/.

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