Prime Science Launches 2 Revolutionary Fat Loss Products

November 16 07:22 2021

The Fat Freezing Belt removes stubborn fat at a chosen location and the Fat Burner Vest works by stimulating Brown Adipose Tissue to help people burn calories and lose weight. Both products work without strenuous workout routines

Prime Science has launched 2 new revolutionary products to help people lose weight and burn fat without undertaking strenuous fitness routines or restrictive diets. The Fat Freezing Belt conveniently removes stubborn fat while the Fat Burner Vest works by stimulating the brown adipose tissue in the body, allowing the wearer to shed excess weight while performing normal activities such as watching television or reading a book.

Prime Science was founded by a London-based Swedish engineer who spent his childhood and most of his adult life trying to keep his weight in check. Working standard corporate jobs in the UK, his colleagues would do everything they could to get him off his diet, including placing sugar candies next to his desk. Always on salads and sporting a gym bag, he quickly earned the title “machine” amongst his co-workers. Regardless of his strict exercise regime and diet he still struggled to get in the shape he wanted which impacted his motivation and drive. 

Undeterred, the founder searched for new means and proven methods with which he could get, and maintain his desired body shape. He first got the concept for both devices after reading The 4-hour body by Tim Ferris which talked about the benefits of cold treatment and shed light on how Michael Phelps ate up to 10,000 calories per day before winning 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

Further research into Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) helped the founder understand the mechanics of brown fat and what temperatures needed to be reached. The Prime Science founder then worked with manufacturers to develop custom ice packs that reach the right temperature for long enough periods.

Prime Science insists that both products are the result of years of research, testing, and countless redesigns to produce effective fat and weight loss. 

The Fat Burner Vest and Fat Freezing Belt continue to receive rave reviews from medical practitioners who are in awe of the revolutionary technology.

“Prime Science Fat Burner Vest: A revolutionary technology to activate brown fat and increase calorie burn by thermogenesis.” – Dr. Moin Iqbal M.D.

“If you have stubborn fat to get rid of, we can conclude that the Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt is a safe, affordable, and effective way to achieve that.” – Dr. Wasif M.D.

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