Start-Up Launches Seasonal Five Senses Box with Anxiety-Reducing Tool at Its Center

November 16 09:21 2021

San Diego, California – Calmios, an innovative addition to the self-care industry, has expanded to include a seasonal Five Senses Experience box with contents designed to help focus the mind and calm the senses. The centerpiece of the box is Calmios, an innovative tool inspired by the need to discreetly decompress in high-pressure situations.

“Calmios is a simple little hand-stitched fabric square that comforts the mind and body through tactile stimulation,” explained Xan Bernay, the San Diego lawyer who created the patent-pending product. “I was inspired by the thought of baby blankets, and how even adults might find their old security blankie calming, or a means to combat insomnia.”

From elegant touches such as rose-gold paper clips to attractive, eco-friendly packaging, the Five Senses Experience box draws on the “Find Your Feel” ethos of Calmios and goes even further, adding to the sense of touch those of sight, smell, taste and even sound.

The Fall/Winter box includes: an adorable air plant tucked into a natural pink sea urchin shell to excite the sense of sight; two choices for the sense of smell (hand-mixed bath salts in a light and lovely lavender rose blend or a selection of Japanese incense and a bamboo holder); and specialty tea and natural honey sticks for the sense of taste. For the sense of sound, there’s a box-exclusive Calmios Spotify playlist with more than two hours of carefully curated music.

Each Five Senses Experience box features one of four limited-edition Calmios with high-quality, touchable textures. During the design and prototype process, Bernay and her team experimented with several combinations of fabric, from fuzzy to soft to velvety. “These are some of our favorite Calmios styles that we have held in reserve for a special project like this,” she said.

The Five Senses Experience box is just $45, and Bernay plans to offer other special collections in the future. There are only a limited number of these boxes available and they are ready to ship now. Calmios can be purchased individually via or on Etsy. Calmios offers returns and exchanges to ensure that people can “find their feel.”

The start-up has garnered attention from Southern California retail outlets as well as online influencers. Calmios was also featured in the well-known monthly subscription SensoryBox along with fidget-type calming tools.

Because Bernay has found that Calmios resonates with people on the autism spectrum, a portion of Calmios sales is donated to mental health and autism-related charities.

“I’m excited to expand the Calmios offerings for the holidays and beyond,” Bernay said. “It’s gratifying that a little fabric square, and the Five Senses Experience box, can help people find a little spot of serenity and calm in this unpredictable world.”

Calmios is available online at and through social media channels. For more information, product samples and product graphics, please contact Calmios at [email protected].  

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