Packing Service Inc. Discusses How Custom Crates are Necessary for Shipping

November 16 08:21 2021
Packing Service Inc. Discusses How Custom Crates are Necessary for Shipping

November 15, 2021 – While a wooden crate can be perceived as the most important component of shipping all the goods, the other materials used for shipping can be just as crucial in getting the goods to their destination in one piece. The plastic wrap is one of the most important parts of ensuring that a custom crate makes a successful journey.

There are two main kinds of plastic wrap that may be used in packaging and shipping, including shrink wrap and stretch wrap. While they may appear to just be plastic, they actually have different functions and should be used in different situations. The packers and loaders use the right one as per the need of the box.


When using plastic wrap, it’s good to use a neutral or even color not contrasting with the product packaging. This will help ensure that the wrap will still be as useful as before and keep the goods from being warped by the plastic wrap if any rip or crack appears.


Packaging plastic wrap used for shipping the goods will have clear zones on each end so that a new sheet can be put on without removing the old one. The tape used in the package will also have holes that are used to hold the seal in place. With plastic wrap, avoid using straight tape because it can be used to tear the plastic wrap; however, double-sided tape, or even hot glue is also good.

What is shrink wrap 

Shrinkwrap is a plastic material that provides a flexible barrier to keep in moisture. It is often used for packing products in their original boxes and is designed to provide protection, keeping the goods inside of the package and protected against possible damage during transit.

What is stretch wrap 

Stretch wrap is a type of plastic wrap that is often used for shipping. Its primary function is to reduce the amount of space needed for shipping and is ideal for products that require a large number of packing materials. Stretch wrap provides a protective surface to the box and serves as protection for the goods inside the package.

How much of a protection stretch wrap can provide depends on the type of goods anyone wants to ship. If shipping is for relatively light items, such as electronics, the benefit of stretch wrap may not be as significant.

How to use shrink and stretch wrap 

Stretch wrap is best used to cover the cargo in a predetermined shape prior to the shipping process. Wrap it over the entire crate or even wrap it around certain areas of the crate, such as handles and sides of the crate. When wrapped properly, stretch wrap should help protect the goods and prevent the crate from shifting around while being shipped. Stretch wrap is used when the crate is being sent to the destination and will not be taken out until it reaches its destination.

On the other hand, shrink wrap is used to protect the crate from being damaged. This type of wrap is usually used in small quantities that will be used just once and then discarded after the crate is shipped.


There are many components to manufacturing a successful custom crate. Purchasing a pre-made crate will likely involve lots of hassle in the end, as well as a rather high price tag. Choosing the best packing and crating company for shipping the goods most cost-effectively and efficiently possible is the key to securing a successful shipping process.

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