Stephanie Fazio’s New Fantasy Novel, Hex Kitchen, Described As A Delicious World Of Culinary Magic, Murder, And Romance

November 16 06:54 2021

Stephanie Fazio is delighted to announce the release of her new fantasy novel, Hex Kitchen. The book, which chronicles a magical cooking tournament and has been endorsed by multiple celebrity television chefs, is the first installment of the fantasy author’s fifth fantasy series and tells the story of a once-in-a-decade competition in which contestants prepare magical dishes for a mysterious and powerful prize.

The story unfolds with Kenzie, a former chef at one of Manhattan’s top culinary hot spots. Kenzie has perfected the art of outrunning her past and currently resides in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee.

The plot thickens when Kenzie’s dishes go from normal to inexplicably bizarre, plunging the runaway cook into a secret world of magical cuisine. This sets her on a collision course with famed culinary magician Braxton McKaid, who is cooking up a storm on the other side of the globe.

Braxton is just days away from a tournament with a mysterious prize that has the power to save his family’s dwindling restaurant empire. 

However, his preparations are derailed when a ghost from his past turns all of his thoughts towards revenge. An epic stage of betrayal and perilous attraction is set when Braxton and Kenzie cross paths, transforming the magical cooking tournament into a fight for survival from which there can only be one winner.

Hex Kitchen has received rave reviews from best-selling authors and famous television chefs who describe the fantasy novel as a thrilling, suspense-filled adventure.

“Hex Kitchen transports you to a delicious world of culinary magic and fantastical, sometimes deadly, competition where every dish keeps you at the edge of your plate—wondering who will win the next move and what bite may be their last.” – Elizabeth Karmel, best-selling cookbook author, and Chopped and Iron Chef judge.

“Hex Kitchen presents a magical culinary adventure with a gripping and innovative narrative. The lush detailed descriptions of magical food lure you into the character’s experience as they develop through the fantastical adventure.” – Katherine Hill, Food Network’s Ace of Cakes.

“Fazio crafts deliciously descriptive words that draw you in and will have you hungrily devouring each plot twist. A satiating complex and deadly competition, combined with forbidden romance, creates the winning recipe for this culinary fantasy and leaves me craving a sequel.” – Christina Machamer, Hell’s Kitchen champion

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