ExportYourStore makes its mark as the most advanced listing and sync software for multi-channel sellers

November 16 05:39 2021
ExportYourStore offers online retailers an efficient, effective way to import, export, and sync their inventory across popular eCommerce platforms including Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Instagram, WooCommerce, Facebook, Amazon with its one-click integration feature.

One tool to manage them all

ExportYourStore makes it possible to automatically cross-list your products across the largest online marketplaces quickly and easily. 

ExportYourStore doesn’t require sellers to make any changes their work process,” explains company spokesperson Amanda.

“You choose the hub of your operation. For example, if you already manage your inventory on eBay, any changes you make will automatically update all your connected channels. Whenever you alter your stock volumes or change your listing details – these could be prices, item titles, search keys and descriptions, and images or add discounts, our integration software exports the changes across your other digital stores. The same applies if you upload new product to your primary store; ExportYourStore automatically exports the newly listed items to your other marketplaces. This helps keep your SEO and marketing efforts fresh, giving you an advantage over competitors. And who doesn’t need an advantage?”


“ExportYourStore can also connect multiple stores to many channels. For example, two eBay stores can be the source for one Etsy store and vice versa. It’s unlimited,” adds Amanda. 

“You can also set different rules or adjustments for a group of products by criteria like handling times, price changes or images. You always have full control over which items are synced, their descriptions and appearance. When the listing exports, it does so with the rule applied.”

No prior experience required

Using ExportYourStore requires no prior knowledge or coding experience.

“The entire point of our software is that sellers don’t waste valuable time trying to figure out how to sell on Poshmark or whatever their chosen eCommerce site happens to be. Thanks to our hassle-free ‘set it up and let it go’ approach, all it takes is one click for sellers to connect and sync their sales channels,” continues Amanda.

Sync changes in a heartbeat

“The beauty of our software is that wherever or whenever a sale happens, ExportYourStore automatically adjusts and syncs your inventory to prevent duplicate listings and overselling protecting you from poor seller ratings and potential account suspension,” continues Amanda.

Complexity made easy

“Our software adjusts and sizes inventory images automatically, no matter how large your store, how many images and sizes you have, or where you are syncing from or to, for example eBay to Amazon,” adds Amanda.

ExportYourStore clears the html, for example, on Amazon as per their policies, populates any missing product fields, and convert prices to local currencies, and much more.

“A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure your inventory is optimized across your chosen sales channels. We can even assist with invalid SKUs. We have solutions for every scenario,” confirms Amanda.

“Whether it’s an eBay Esty or eBay Shopify integration you want to implement or whatever integration you wish to implement, ExportYourStore enables you to tailor it to fit your needs. We support everything; Poshmark, Walmart, Mercari, and many more marketplaces and shopping carts. That’s what makes ExportYourStore a leader in cross-listings software.”


ExportYourStore has helped hundreds of sellers organize and manage their eCommerce stores more effectively. Its’ smart but simple-to-use automation software makes it possible for online retailers to sync their products across popular marketplaces with minimal effort.

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