Passenger-centered ICONIQ Leads the Era of Automotive Intelligence Evolution

November 16 04:30 2021

Just as telephones entered the “Smart Phone Era” decade ago by shaking up the entire industry structure, today’s automotive industry is also undergoing fundamental technological transformation, led by pioneers such as ICONIQ, a global premium smart electric vehicle (EV) brand.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM)’s forecast, domestic EV sales will exceed 1.8 million units in 2021. The electrification of vehicles and the integration of artificial intelligence on this basis have become an irreversible trend. The “software era of vehicle building” with smart passenger experience at its core has arrived. Smart vehicles have been undergoing major changes in terms of experience, product concept, service mode, industrial ecology, etc. The trends of the automobile being increasingly automated, intelligent and network-connected are becoming more obvious, while autonomous driving and intelligent functions such as biological activation and technological applications have become the main R&D focus.

ICONIQ has been adhering to the vision of “passenger centricity with authentic and unique riding experience” since its establishment in 2016. It is committed to creating an intelligent electric passenger vehicle that combines comfort, entertainment, office, and integrates advanced technologies such as autonomous driving. Such segment has been coined as SPV, i.e. “Smart Passenger Vehicles”, which represents a new direction for the development of the entire global EV industry.

With advancements in artificial intelligence, the industry’s current focus on EVs has shifted from battery power to computing power, which is also the focal point of future market leadership. ICONIQ partners with AutoX to integrate the latter’s fifth-generation autonomous driving system into its vehicles’ 3100mm chassis. At 2200 TOPS, AutoX’s processor is believed to meet the requirements of smart cars as well as smart cities of the future.

Furthermore, the improvements in hardware configuration and software-hardware integration, plus years of data accumulation in China and the US by AutoX, reinforce the security moat of ICONIQ in satisfying passenger and regulatory demands for functionality and safety.  This April, ICONIQ announced to jointly build the world’s first EV company defined by autonomous driving technology with AutoX, which will lead the mass production of SAE L4 level driverless vehicles once regulations mature.

ICONIQ promises efficient product iteration, for example, its proprietary modular pure electric platform is equipped with battery packs characterized by high safety, durability, and density to ensure the safety and stability of the vehicles, which are the primary concerns of customers. In addition, the advanced thermal management technology is capable to control the battery packs’ temperature within 3°C, which greatly extends the service life of the batteries to cope with the hot climate typical to offshore markets such as the Middle East.

In the future, a car will no longer be just a tool to provide mobility services or a computer on wheels in the traditional sense.  To meet demands for entertainment and work, ICONIQ integrates the world’s top resources in vehicle design, EPT systems, software control, and autonomous driving to turn its vehicles into a multifunctional mobile space in the Metaverse, providing each of its passengers with the ultimate experience in both the physical and the virtual worlds.

ICONIQ’s i.cellOS system is another milestone in the passenger experience. Based on a distributed microkernel system and 5G cloud technology, this system and its various connected smart devices and sensors collect and record data of personal preferences and behavior habits as a basis to provide tailored onboard services. Meanwhile, the bespoke entertainment systems and office resources make the ICONIQ SPVs a mobile theater as well as a smart office, meeting the needs of all its passengers under different circumstances.

ICONIQ’s “Grace through Technology” motto signifies that innovation is not only meant to advance sciences but also to improve people’s lives. ICONIQ aims to become the provider of comfortable, safe, intelligent, and personalized mobility service, more importantly, a pioneer of the future lifestyle, which is sustainable, connected, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone both physically and psychologically. In order to realize such a vision, ICONIQ leverages its insights into the actual and projected needs of the customers and applies technologies into the continuously optimizing green passenger experience. With the recent entries by leading smart phone champions such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei, passenger centricity around mobility has unquestionably become an important direction of the global EV industry.

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