Start a Successful Career in Home Inspection with the Help of HI-TEC Home Inspection Training

November 15 18:33 2021
HI-TEC Home Inspection Training is now accepting enrollees in the state of Washington and 19 other states.

The home inspection industry remains a promising career path as the real estate market keeps growing. A home inspection is an important step in the process of purchasing a property because it reveals critical information about a current condition of a house before it is sold to a potential buyer.

Over the last 25 years, it is worth mentioning that the field of home inspections has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. For those who are interested in working in the home inspection industry, HI-TEC Home Inspection Training is now open for enrollees in the state of Washington and 19 other states.

The expert team behind HI-TEC Home Inspection Training is backed up with the most up to date and relevant course materials for home inspection training. Not to mention the practical experiences only they can teach, having performed thousands of home inspections.

In fact, HI-TEC specifically tailors their training programs for the benefit of their students, helping them build a successful career in the industry. “We’re taking the high road to give our students the high ground advantage in their new career,” the team also added. And aside from the usual course material, marketing training is also part of their core curriculum – setting HI-TEC and its students apart from their competitors.

HI-TEC Home Inspection Training students can choose between two platforms, depending on their personal learning style and state education requirements. They have an option to take the online home inspection course or combine it with live classes. Regardless, they are known to provide only the best and highest quality education in the country.

From textbooks to online portal access, students will be fully equipped to take on and succeed in their state exams. And the great thing about this is, HI-TEC continues to support its students even after they have been certified. To them, more than just helping them pass the National Home Inspector or state-specific exam, it is important for students to gain a deeper understanding of the technical and analytical details needed to be a top-performing home inspector.

Currently, HI-TEC provides training in 19 states, including Washington. And soon, they will be expanding into all 50 states. With the help of HI-TEC Home Inspection Training, anyone can start a career in home inspection and excel – whether as an employee in a multi-inspector firm or as an independent business owner.

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HI-TEC Home Inspection Training is an American-owned and operated company known for providing high-quality home inspection education to aspiring home inspectors in the U.S.

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