These Doctor-Approved Recovery Devices Might Be Just As Beneficial As a Visit To A Chiropractor

November 15 17:27 2021
Whether they is suffering from text neck, or just feeling sore after a long day at work, these are the best recovery devices to reach for.

Whether they are trying to relieve neck pain after a long day at work, or just feeling sore after a long drive, the main purpose of using recovery tools, as you might have guessed, is “to help aid in the process of recovery,” says Doctor K.D Pham, founder of

As Doctor Pham points out, the best recovery devices can be used for instant pain relief instead of taking pain relief medication or a visit to the chiropractor. If they ever felt neck sore after a day glued to the screen, it might be time to pick up the most popular Traction Plus KG300 – neck traction device.”

Once the clients figure out which recovery device they need, it then comes down to when they decide to use them.

“I know people hate hearing this, but it really does matter,” Doctor Pham says. “A lot of people do think that a neck traction device should be used only when you feel stiff or is in pain, but there are benefits to using a neck traction device on a daily basis. It does help aid with circulation [and] it does help with mobility or range of motion. On the other side of things,” he says, “a good neck traction device also helps speed up the process of fighting off soreness or repair and reducing inflammation that might occur.

What Are the Best Recovery Devices?

Whether they are looking for pain relief, or after a long day at the home office, here are some of the best FDA-approved recovery devices they can consider.

1. Traction Plus KG300 Neck Traction Device

Traction Plus provides fast neck pain relief treatment for anyone suffering from neck arthritis, a herniated disc in the neck, neck strains, numbness and etc.

2. Flexback Pro Advanced Lumbar Brace

FlexbackPro is a semi-rigid lumbar support brace designed and engineered to disperse the pressure on the lumbar muscles and provide maximum spinal support.

3. Red Therapy Pro RG600

Red Therapy Pro UG600 provides red light therapy with a powerful LED light to help you see results fast.Our Tri-Spectrum Technology includes 630, 660, and 850 wavelengths, which are the exact light wavelengths needed to penetrate deep into the skin and send healing energy to the injured cells.Applying at skin level ensures deep light penetration every time, meaning quicker recovery.

4. Spinalcare UG300 All-in-one Lumbar Decompression Device

Spinalcare UG300 is designed to reduce lumbar back pain, improve proper back posture and treat various lumbar problems. Enabling treatments that previously were only available from physiotherapists such as dynamic traction, heat therapy, TENS therapy, and full body massage at your own home.

5. Tractionpro KP800 Advance Cervical Care System

Tractionpro KP800 is a multifunctional at-home cervical care system, designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, keep cervical vertebra active, prevent cervical spondylosis and retain a proper posture making them feel fresh and invigorated.

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