How SafariSwap’s NFT Upgrade Feature May Benefit Its Community

November 15 16:18 2021
SafariSwap will soon be launching its new NFT upgrade page. Learn more about how this new up and coming gamification feature will benefit its community.

SafariSwap has confirmed the launch of its NFT upgrade feature. With this new core mechanism in place, SafariSwap’s community members that had participated as liquidity providers (LPs) will soon be able to upgrade existing NFTs, earned through farming, to different levels of rarity. To better understand how one can earn SafariSwap’s NFTs, one may follow this article’s link. Opening a treasure box with the credits farmed will give either an animal NFT such as ‘lion’, or a food NFT such as ‘meat’. Depending on the types of NFTs received, one may then use an animal NFT to combine with food NFTs to get the required combination to upgrade to an animal NFT of greater value. For example, a ‘lion’ NFT may be used in combination with ‘meat’ NFTs to upgrade to a more valuable ‘lion’ NFT of higher tier and rarity.

The different levels of rarity are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Divine

Upgrading of NFTs comes with varying levels of success rates.

A more detailed breakdown of the overall gaming mechanism may be found below.

Requirements for Each Upgrade & Its Accompanying Success Rate

Each rarity also comes with different tier-ed range which involves star ratings.  Once a NFT has reached the maximum stars of its current rarity, it can then be upgraded to the next rarity. Legend and Divine NFTs do not involve any star ratings. Collecting all 4 different Legend NFTs is guaranteed to lead to a Divine NFT, which is worth a staggering 11500 $Nature, a 1615% increase in value on the least NFTs cost involved.

Assurance On NFT Values

While upgrading to different rarity levels come with different success rates, successful upgrades will lead to significantly more valuable NFTs. Attempts that did not lead to successful upgrades, on the other hand, will lead to the food NFTs involved being ‘burned’. This in turn causes a lower supply pool that increases demand and value of existing NFTs. The system is designed in such a way to ensure that the values of NFTs that SafariSwap’s community members hold on to are always protected.

When SafariSwap launches its NFT exchange marketplace, this feature will also be greatly beneficial to early large NFT holders who are able to get more value from their NFTs.

The Rarity Levels Of NFTs & Their Exchange Values

As may be seen in the table above, the high percentage increase in value for successful upgrades can be highly attractive for community members. The NFT exchange values are also illustrated in the table; NFTs are worth exponentially more the higher they go in rarity levels.

The Types Of Treasure Boxes Available

There are primarily four different types of treasure boxes available. For the common treasure box, just 1 cNature yielded from farming is required to open it. For the other treasure boxes, a specific key is required to open each type of treasure box. The rarity level of NFTs yielded depends on the types of boxes opened.

More NFTs To Earn For Early Adopters – What This Means For SafariSwap’s Community

The new gamification feature by SafariSwap is meant to yield more benefits for long-time community members. Those who got in early to the game are able to access more NFTs that can be unlocked. In other words, the earlier one joins the game, the more NFTs there are to be unlocked for greater gains with higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

To learn more about SafarSwap’s latest developments and updates, one may follow them on their official Facebook page and Telegram.

About SafariSwap

SafariSwap is a groundbreaking new system that is designed to revolutionize charitable giving. By using defi technology to generate resources for charities, SafariSwap provides complete transparency towards charitable contributions and reflects shareholders’ Voices. This creates sustainability and also revolutionizes wildlife conservation efforts around the world through defi.

Embark on this journey with SafariSwap today and work together towards ending the poaching and exploitation of endangered animals altogether.

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