Repurpost Launches Market Leading Business Content Experience Bundle

November 13 01:12 2021
For the first time SMBs will have access to enterprise Content Experience Software.

Repurpost, a recognized content creation, management and distribution platform has launched its premium Content Experience plan for companies and agencies. The Content Experience bundle builds on all the value offered in Repurpost’s Freemium plan whilst adding additional features such as Smart Content, easier tracking of content and strategy metrics, 2 workspaces, 25 channels, 50 GB of space, and access to 2 free 45-minute consultations.

The addition of the Content Experience bundle addresses a market need for more robust content creation, management and distribution functionality, at a competitive price point, whilst adding solutions to deliver greater personalization and memorable content experiences at scale. This offering is consistent with Repurpost’s mission to help companies create customer-centric content across digital channels, seamlessly.

CEO Alexandra explains: “We believe the best marketing isn’t seen or heard, it is felt. It is relevant, interesting, and an experience that inspires you to take action. Repurpost delivers a new concept with its efficient single distributed platform enabling the seamless creation & execution of targeted customer-centric captivating content”.

The addition of the Content Experience plan will give companies and agencies of all sizes the tools they need to design amazing content experiences for customers and clients. This is of particular interest as Forrester reported earlier this year that only 11% of marketers feel that they know how to keep their audience engaged.

About Repurpost:

Based in Delaware, Repurpost is an all-in-one content experience platform (CXP). Uniquely, Repurpost gives customers one central and searchable place not only to manage, store and distribute knowledge but strategize and create captivating experiences with a unified brand voice.

Aragon Research predicts the content experience platform market will be worth over $28 billion by 2025, with Repurpost positioned to be the leader in this fast-growing market.

Today’s customer increasingly wants a rep-free sales experience, according to new research by Gartner. Repurpost’s all-in-one CXP, gives employees more freedom to collaborate and directly impact the customer experience through the creation of compelling and relevant content that drives sales.

Repurpost’s Smart Content solution makes content orchestration an integral part of each client’s existing business strategy and not a stand-alone tactic. This maximizes the impact of all created assets, leading to higher sustainable sales from more engaged and loyal customers.

Every B2B company is becoming a publisher. Now more than ever companies need to remove internal silos, and teams need to be in line with each other and the business strategy to reduce the engagement gap.

The task of crafting a strategy that creates and captures value has never been harder. Repurpost addresses this difficulty head-on by creating a space where all customer-facing departments can collaborate on the content creation, promotion and distribution processes. This allows for sales, success and marketing teams to work together to define the most profitable accounts, enhancing the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, increased engagement in outreach efforts, and higher retention rates.

“Turning strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into evangelists.”

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