Anouar Association Organizes Art Workshop for Children with Special Needs in Ait Faska

November 12 23:57 2021

The Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity is organizing an Art Workshop in Ait Faska, Marrakech, dedicated to mentally challenged children.  The momentous event will be held in partnership with the plastic and ceramic artist, Ms. Rajae Saiss, under the theme “Spontaneous Art” from November 17 to November 18, 2021.

According to Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, President of Anouar Association, this art workshop will be more significant as the main participants are the children with special needs, especially the mentally challenged.

“I believe that every one of us, particularly the children, has a hidden artist that needs to be awakened.  The children with special needs have a dynamic perception of their environment, but they are sometimes challenged to express what they feel about it. We have invited Ms. Rajae Saiss which we believe is the best instructor for children with special needs. Through this workshop, we will be able to help these children and teach them that they can use art as a medium of communication.   Our association is here to assist in achieving societal change and development in the community of Ait Faska”, says Mr. Mohamed Dekkak. 

Ms. Rajae Saiss, the profound artist well known for her creations, has an established background and experience in curating art events in Morocco. She will share her abilities and knowledge with the special children in Ait Faska. According to her, she is honored to be chosen by Anouar Association to co-organize the art workshop. She feels that this program is an effective strategy to bring development to special children.

“I have been working as an artist and educator to the children with mental disabilities since 2003. These children have a special place in my heart, and I believe that they have a special affinity with art. The workshop will help them to harness their creative minds and create art that is unique and full of meaning,” says Ms. Rajae Saiss.

With more than ten years of flawless record in helping underprivileged children, the success of this Art workshop will become a new milestone for Anouar Association.  The Anouar Association has successfully organized and created several programs and projects related to healthcare, livelihood, and education for the well-being and development of the community in Ait Faska.

The Anouar Association, together with its dedicated volunteers, go out of their way to alleviate the living conditions of the society and consequently minimize the challenges faced by the socially disadvantaged.

Anouar Association strongly believes that children hold the key to attaining sustainable development and a better future for Moroccan society.  The association and the people behind the upcoming art workshop are currently preparing the venue, the tools, and the facilities to accommodate the children. 

They expect that the two-day workshop will be filled with vibrant colors and waves of laughter from the children.

“We are pleased to open our doors and welcome the children on November 17. We hope that they will find our program enlightening, exciting, and amusing,” says Mr. Mohamed Dekkak.

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