“My Nanny Is The Best” – One-Stop-Shop To Make Kids And Their Nannies Happier With Amazing Activities, Books, Boxes And Arts Supplies

November 12 22:27 2021
“My nanny is the best” by Crystal Alessandra is a small business honoring the role of nannies and providing kids with fun-filled books and activities.

“It takes a village to raise a kid,” as the old African saying says. The phrase is more relevant today than ever before. Many parents who manage professions and families require some additional assistance from time to time. Those fortunate enough to have hired help appreciate how much their nanny contributes to their family’s well-being. Nannies are frequently present to see a child’s first steps or experience pure joy when they do something extraordinary. A nanny’s job is diverse. Nannies provide for children’s basic needs and teach, guide, secure, and love them throughout the day.

Crystal Alessandra, a qualified childcare professional and a devoted nanny has published her one-of-a-kind book “My nanny is the best,” which depicts the life of a nanny. The book has blank pages which is the interesting feature of the book that lets readers be a part of the story. They can draw some pictures or write some of the favorite places they like to go with their loving nanny. Her second book will also be released next year. She makes a difference in the lives of children and their families through her small business, “My nanny is the best.” She has spent the last 27 years as a nanny in various homes and daycare facilities, and she is enthusiastic about teaching and caring for the lives of the next generation. She is motivated by a cause and wishes to be a part of something that will long-term influence children.

She wants people to acknowledge the remarkable influence a nanny can have on a child’s heart and life, so she established the “My nanny is the best” program to provide families with access to quality childcare. She adores collaborating with parents to make them feel heard, understood, and appreciated. She is making a difference in the lives of children and the lives of their parents by relieving them of the full burden of childcare. Aside from daycare, her incredible platform offers craft boxes, personalized cards, birthday parties, newsletters, and much more.

Crystal Alessandra comprehends Kids enjoy a wide range of activities. Almost everything they observe piques their interest. They are drawn to many things and frequently use paints, paintbrushes, crayons, pastels, and other materials. “My nanny is the best” enhances their love of arts and crafts by offering them art projects they can enjoy doing with crafts boxes to bring smiles to their faces.

All in all, Crystal Alessandra demonstrates the utmost respect and dedication to her role as a nanny. She wishes to teach the child in many areas through her business, assisting them to flourish in their communication, education, creativity, sports, manners, and discipline, helping them become lovely well-rounded little beings. She also keeps their creative juices going by providing them with the most outstanding arts and crafts boxes.

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