Emergency Evacuation Plans from Fire Block Plans to Ensure Safety of Property and Lives in Commercial Premises

November 12 21:00 2021
Fire Block Plans is an Australian company specialising in fire design, emergency planning, and AutoCAD. With 12 years of experience in AutoCAD and fire design, it offers the highest quality of drawings and provides flexibility to meet each customer’s needs.

According to announcements released by Fire Block Plans and Gordon Boyd, the emergency evacuation plans drawn by this firm have helped Australian businesses comply with Work Health & Safety Regulation 2017 safety regulations and ensure that property and lives are not compromised during a fire. 

Fire evacuation plans by Fire Block Plans consist of evacuation diagrams, emergency response plans, and emergency training. 

Evacuation diagrams are displayed across common areas and regular pathways for easy visibility. These diagrams share crucial valuable information in emergencies. Evacuation diagrams are meant to show the location of the fire equipment, exit points, assembly locations, and evacuation paths. The Emergency Planning Committee determines the total number of evacuation diagrams to be put up. 

An emergency response plan shares all the necessary information about the steps taken during an emergency. The roles and responsibilities to be executed by the staff are mentioned along with important phone numbers, possible risks, visitor management, and other actionable information. 

Participants in the EPC are expected to know their roles as designated by the emergency response plan. Training ensures that the staff members stay in practice and can perform their roles should an emergency occur. Various scenarios are simulated, including the evacuation of disabled individuals. 

Evacuation diagrams should be orientated such that you know where you are. The orientation depends on the wall the diagram is mounted. The floor plan and the assembly area site plan must match. Each evacuation diagram must be at least size A4, and the floor plan size should be at least 200mm x 150mm or 30,000mm². For A3 diagrams the floor plan must be a minimum or 300mm x 200mm or 60,000mm².

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When developing an emergency response plan for your workplace, you must first establish an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). The ECO is made up of the staff that will perform specific duties during an emergency. This may include First Aid Officers, Chief Warden, Floor Wardens, Emergency Coordinators, Communications officers, etc.

The Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) is responsible for establishing the potential risks for the facility & documenting strategies for each. As each workplace varies from a high-rise building to construction site, your site must be individually assessed to ensure the proper emergency response plan is designed for your business. Suppose your workplace may contain an individual or individuals that may require additional assistance in case of an emergency. In that case, you may require a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) to be developed.”

About the Company:

Fire Block Plans has expertise in fire design and AutoCAD. It helps businesses secure their premises and prevent loss of life through emergency planning that ensures fire safety. The firm’s services are available all over Australia. It has more than a decade’s experience in enabling commercial clients to comply with safety regulations. 

Gordon Boyd of Fire Block Plans said, “We provide services throughout all areas of Australia – From Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth to outback Victoria & NSW. Our services include – Fire alarm block plans (zone block plans), EWIS block plans, Fire sprinkler Block Plans, Fire hydrant Block plans, Evacuation plans & diagrams, As-installed/Shop Drawings for construction & commercial projects.”

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