Getting A New Mattress Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

November 12 20:00 2021
Getting A New Mattress Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

Living with constant back pain is a reality for millions of Americans. While this condition can have many causes, the solution to this daily disruption in life may be as simple as updating the mattress.

Finding the Right Mattress

Sleeping on an outdated mattress can lead to much more than an uncomfortable nights’ rest; it can cause actual damage to the body. Waking up with stiff, aching joints could be caused by remaining in one position for too long on an old mattress. This is where the professionals at Dewaard & Bode can help find the perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep.

Trying Different Pressures

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm could lead to pain and alignment issues with the spine. A firm mattress will sometimes not allow joints to move freely and can cause uncomfortable pressure on both the back and neck. But, sleeping on a mattress that is too soft can cause the opposite response: lack of support. Sinking into a bed that is too soft will cause bad posture during sleep. An even distribution of pressure on the body as one sleeps is best for alleviating back pain.

Innerspring Coil Investigation

The number and arrangement of coils in an innerspring mattress can vary widely, and understanding both the number of coils and how the coils are arranged can provide some insight into what to look for while out shopping for a new bed. But, individual preference in this area cannot be overstated as what may be very comfortable for one sleeper may be absolute torture for another.

Memory Foam May be the Answer

Memory foam mattresses can be an excellent option for eliminating back pain for the right sleeper. Generally, side sleepers with joint pain find the close contours of the foam to be comforting. This closeness while sleeping can also help alleviate stress on vulnerable pressure points throughout the night.

Much like the innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress is available in differing degrees of firmness, so some further investigation with the help of will be beneficial to find the right “fit.”

While the close contouring of memory foam can be helpful for those suffering from joint and back pain, others may find the closeness a bit too restrictive. These tight confines can also trap heat by not allowing proper airflow.

This factor can be a deal-breaker for sleepers who prefer sleeping in cooler accommodations or those living in a warm climate. The professional at can answer any questions about memory foam.

Finding the perfect mattress can be nothing short of life-changing. A good night’s sleep will help with body pain and provide the proper environment for rejuvenation of both mind and body when sleeping. Good sleep is not something to be compromised, it is an essential ingredient for a long and healthy life. 

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