Hedonova: Now, anybody can invest in alternative assets from anywhere

November 12 19:06 2021

Investing in multiple asset classes ensures a certain amount of diversity and reduces the risk. Moreover, it increases the possibility of making a return, but most alternative asset classes are operated in closed environments and are not available for the general public. However, there’s a platform that allows everyone to access multiple unique asset classes. 

The JOBS Act of 2012 ushered in new models of fundraising and investing in the United States. There are many platforms for niche investment opportunities, from million-dollar artwork to vacation rental properties. Alternate investments (or opportunities apart from traditional stocks and bonds) are uncorrelated to the stock markets. There are now more alternative investments than stocks listed on the NYSE. With so many offerings, investors would need a fund to invest in the best alternative offerings.

Hedonova is a hedge fund open to everyone, investing in multiple non-traditional asset classes. Investors can invest via any payment gateway, and in turn, they will be allocated blocks, which are similar to shares in companies. Furthermore, the investors become members of a Delaware LLC 506(c) exempted fund. Most importantly, it offers a minimum investment ticket size of $1000, making it feasible for the general public to invest.

“There are more alternative assets than there are stocks on the NYSE. With the sheer optionality and the lack of research and data, it becomes hard for investors to get exposure to alternatives. Hedonova solves this by acting as a single-window into alternative investments.” – Alexander Cavendish, CEO, Hedonova. 

Hedonova is a single fund for investors to access all alternative assets and is a Delaware LLC 506(c) exempted fund. Moreover, it offers a complete tax pass-through, and the investors are taxed in their respective countries, making it a tax-friendly fund for non-US investors. 

The investment market is full of hidden charges, and one such hidden charge is the exit fee. Investment companies charge exit fees to avoid the losses that arise from premature withdrawals. But, the overall impact of an exit fee is a reduction in profit. With Hedonova, investors can add or redeem capital from their portfolios at any time. There are no lock-ins or hidden exit charges.

Hedonova invests in all alternative assets like startups, NFTs, emerging markets, real estate, art, and many more. Most importantly, it invests in assets attracting liquidity to capitalize on impulse for the medium to long term. Hedonova was launched in 2019, and the hedge fund has posted strong returns in the last year. Moreover, investors from 18 different countries have already invested in Hedonova. 

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