La Liga’s Big 3: Now an Ancient History?

November 11 15:30 2021

During La Liga’s previous seasons, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico were considered as the forces to reckon with. Defeating these football clubs back then was a galling idea. So when an underdog does, it’d be such a huge deal that the match will be all over the news. 

Over the past few years, only the three aforementioned football clubs have attained a double-digit number of championship trophies. 34 for Real Madrid, Barcelona having 26, then 11 for Atletico. This Big 3’s domination in the league caused several football fans to just jump into the bandwagon and pick among the three clubs as their bets.

But now, it seems like it’s the end of an era. La Liga’s Big 3 are now starting to show their weaknesses. This season, the Big 3’s points dropped intensely. What’s even more interesting is that these clubs’ dropped points were made because of the concession against the clubs from the middle to lower sections of the table. 

Even at their home arenas, the Big 3 have shown nothing but yielding, considering that these clubs never took their home court advantage for granted. And it’s not like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico can blame the ‘no home support’ aspect for their losses because these venues are now jam-packed because of more lenient health protocols.

On to the new era

In the new La Liga era, it’s inevitable that new clubs will suddenly get their groove and form a much better chemistry with their coaches and teammates.

The fall of La Liga’s Big 3 is just a beautiful and tragic story waiting to happen. Because of the improvement of the players, modern strategies of coaches, and big moves of the team owners, a number of football clubs have been emerging. For instance, Real Socieded is making some rounds in climbing through the top. The last time this club was able to do this was in their 2002-2003 campaign, where they finished as runners-up to Real Madrid.

Rayo Vallecano is now in the upper section at sixth, with Radamel Falcao leading the club. Real Betis and Osasuna, other clubs that started by being in the middle to lower zone, are also now enjoying their upper zone area, being in the fifth and seventh place, respectively.

Truly, much has changed in the La Liga; but this is what makes the league more exciting and interesting.

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