Tetramon Duel Master brings an engaging monster battle experience to mobile gamers

November 11 18:57 2021
This game provides turn-based strategy multiplayer where users can train their collection of monsters to compete with other monster tamers worldwide.

Malaysia – By building on the concept maintained by Pokemon, this game provides a platform where players can collect and grow their monster squad. “Tetramon Duel Master” offers exciting battle arenas where players can play against other monster tamers. Winning battles allows players to take their battle pets to the next level. To become the ultimate monster legend, users have to expand their battle camp with overpowered monsters to win every fight. 

The battle system offered by “Tetramon Duel Master” closely resembles Jade Cocoon 2, where players take turns attacking the enemy monsters. This battle system calls for a throughout strategy that users can implement to win different monster fights. So, monster masters need more than just a few overpowered monsters in their camp to win multiplayer battles. 

Similar to pokemon masters, players have to follow different strategies to counter the enemy lineup. This monster battle game combines the unique strategic element with an innovative progression system to keep players engaged. Players need an active internet connection to find matches and compete with some of the best monster masters worldwide. 

So far, players have been delighted by the immersive experience from this battle monster game. “Tetramon Duel Master” maintains an exceptional variety of monsters that each bring unique abilities to the tamers. Users can educate themselves about different attacks and the passive skills of these monsters to make better tactical decisions. This game is genuinely a masterpiece that combines strategy with action to deliver an ideal experience. 

“Tetramon Duel Master” is free to play and can be downloaded using this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OPNeon.MonsterArenaTamer from Google Play Store, and https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tetramon-duel-master-ex/id1588536991 from App Store. 

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