Data Collection Company Recruits 10,000+ Young Africans

November 11 06:42 2021
Data Collection Company Recruits 10,000+ Young Africans

Rwazi is providing information gathering gigs that allow mappers receive paid tasks to gather information on products and services in their neighborhoods.

Rwazi is delighted to announce that it is recruiting over 10,000+ young Africans aged 18 and above, to work as mappers and help gather information on products, services, and consumer habits across African cities.

Headquartered in the US, Rwazi provides organizations with fresh on-ground data that enables decision-makers to efficiently enter new markets and make informed investments.

Currently, the data collection company boasts of having about 10,000+ mappers spread across cities, municipalities, towns, and villages in 40 African countries. And says it is expanding its coverage by providing more information-gathering gigs so an additional 10,000+ young Africans can receive paid tasks to gather information in their neighborhoods.

According to the company’s Founder and CEO – Joseph Rutakangwa, Africa is well on its way to becoming the largest workforce in the world by 2050. And as the continent’s working-age population rises to hit a staggering 1billion people, so also is the unemployment index. 

While a lot of organizations want to invest in the major markets in Africa, they, however, lack reliable means of collecting accurate data to inform their decisions. At the same time, there are over 200 million educated yet unemployed people spread across the continent seeking job opportunities.

Joseph says Rwazi’s system allows these unemployed individuals to get paid for providing the raw on-ground information these organizations need to improve their products and services.

The company is also pleased to add that it has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, as it went from a little over 1000 mappers in 2019, to over 10,000 mappers in 2021, and is looking to get up to 100,000+ in 2022.

Hinting that its expansion was in part necessitated by the COVID19 pandemic, Rwazi has evolved from simply collecting information on consumer habits to the provision of all types of data across different industries. 

“Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for organizations to reach customers, beneficiaries, suppliers, and other parties in developing countries. With our network of mappers across the continent, we have been able to serve customers in various industries including healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, education, finance, agriculture, energy, transport, and media, among others.”

Additionally, Rwazi is set to include the mapping of experiences to its data collection gigs so companies can get direct information on the impact of their products, and also learn how best to improve their services to meet the needs of consumers. 

On the eligibility of mappers, the company says all that is required is that a person is at least 18 years old, has a secondary school education, possesses a basic command of English, owns a smartphone, and has access to the internet.

Young people interested in joining the Rwazi Mapping Network can simply apply via this link. As well as watch the explainer video on what Rwazi does and how mapping works.

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