Realtor Ben introduces a professional online marketing strategy for realtors to enable virtual showcasing of homes to potential buyers

November 11 03:03 2021

Research shows that 51% of home buyers find their homes online but because only 5% of Realtors are using online advertising, this is a thrilling opportunity. So we built an epic online marketing strategy around that.

First, we create a captivating video tour of your home. This professional video tour, with stunning aerial shots, will act as a virtual showing of your home for hundreds of potential homebuyers. Offering an elegant way to reduce the number of physical showings.  

At the same time, your home gets optimal exposure on the open market, securing the best offers from qualified homebuyers.

But simply adding a video tour to your listing is not enough and will by itself fail. That’s because videos are not syndicated to real estate websites like And these dominant websites take up more than 75% of the search traffic for popular homebuyer keywords. Or put in simpler words: not enough homebuyers will see your video tour to have an impact.  

So if you don’t want to rely on buyers finding your home amongst thousands of homes, the only solution to actually feature your listing and have thousands of homebuyers on a virtual showing of your home, are professional online ads with an elite targeting mechanism.

That’s because there are approximately 5 million homebuyers in the US every year and you need a reliable way to identify those who are genuine about purchasing your home.

Custom targeting gives us a tested method to reach homebuyers buying in your area and with Google Re-Marketing, we can identify homebuyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing your specific home.

These highly targeted video tours add dozens of virtual showings every day from homebuyers all over the United States. More showings typically generate more offers and more offers typically generate a higher purchase price.

That is what puts us ahead of the game because with Re-Marketing we can reach the homebuyers who are genuinely interested in your home on the most well-respected platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Studies show that it takes buyers on average 7-13 touch-points before they make a purchase.  

So the same way you’d watch a video demonstration or look up reviews before buying a new computer or car, for example, homebuyers will on average interact with your home 7-13 times before making an offer.

And that’s why Re-Marketing is so effective because it provides a proven method to re-engage homebuyers who are interested in your home, which means more offers for you.

So when you list your home with us, you get an elite online strategy that produces the best offers on the open market, while reducing the number of physical showings. Ultimately providing convenience while maximizing your profits.

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