ScalaHosting’s SPanel Update 2.7.0 Brings Email filters, URL Redirects, Anti-Spam Monitoring, and more

November 10 19:42 2021
Industry leader ScalaHosting’s game-changing SPanel, the next-gen control panel, created specifically for VPS, brings some long-awaited features, including the ability to create, edit, and remove mail filters for a selected domain name.

Industry leader ScalaHosting’s all-in-one web hosting platform SPanel has released its 2.7.0 update, showcasing much-anticipated features like Email filters, URL redirects, anti-spam monitoring, and more. 

“Several years have passed without anything major happening in the web hosting industry. The most serious issue for websites in the last eight to ten years remains security and speed. That’s where ScalaHosting comes into the picture,” says Chris Rusev, ScalaHosting Chief Executive Officer.

Chris says Scala Hosting has led the charge in fixing that and developing SPanel, which allows website owners to sleep well knowing their data is secure and their website loads instantly 24/7 with no risk that another website on the same server may affect their business. 

The new SPanel version brings some long-awaited features to the table, including Email Filters, which allows users to create, edit, and remove mail filters for a selected domain name. They can block incoming emails for preselected criteria. 

The SPanel 2.7.0 update also provides URL redirects, enabling easy options to set up 301 (Permanent) and 302 (Temporary) redirects. This allows users to switch from one domain to another with much ease. The new update also offers average CPU usage stats for top processes, providing comprehensive statistics about the average CPU and RAM usage, disk space, email accounts, number of databases, and more.

While SPanel users previously had the option to monitor their running MySQL processes, they can now stop any of them with the 2.7.0 update. Additionally, Chris says users’ servers will never go out of sync again with SPanel’s new implementation of the Chrony Network Time Protocol (NTP). Users can automatically adjust server time according to their presets.

Cognizant of the fact that fast and secure email delivery is an essential part of any online business, SPanel also provides SShield 30-minute anti-spam scans and email reporting. Users get to avoid their IP being blacklisted with the newly-added anti-spam monitor in SShield. They would get notifications whenever there is a possibility of spam in their outbound emails with innovative Live human monitoring by the Scala Team.

The SodiumPHP extension is also now added for all PHP versions. It serves as an excellent feature for Magento users as it allows the use of the Elasticsearch search and analytics engine. Furthermore, the latest version of phpMyAdmin 5.1.1. is now available on all SPanel servers. 

Chris says the best thing is that more major improvements are in the works, and the SPanel team promises another exciting update soon. He says the company is in the works of integrating SPanel with WHMCS, the leading hosting management and billing system on the market.  

Scala is also adding a ton more statistics with GoAccess stats – one of the top real-time web log analyzers. The tool includes detailed HTTP stats and access log data. Another feature also allows everyone in the hosting industry to benefit from Scala’s hosting management and automation platform. New API functionalities will also be available to the end-user for easier server operation. They can create remote backups, automate data archiving, and strengthen their security with the SPanel API.

SPanel is an all-in-one hosting platform for managing cloud VPS services. It includes everything a website owner needs to grow their business in a secure environment. It is a quick and easy replacement for cPanel, which will not only save users the cPanel license fee but also add lots of additional benefits. 

As an all-in-one web hosting solution, SPanel makes shared web hosting unworthy because users can have a fully managed VPS for a little extra per month, removing all software limitations and bringing the benefits which shared hosting cannot provide.

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