Fitness NC transforms the fitness industry in North Carolina; unveils huge martial arts program, impressive wellness options

November 10 19:36 2021
Fitness NC has led the way in providing expert fitness instructors and nutritionists who treat each member individually and help them achieve their fitness goals. Now it introduces a wide array of wellness options, including infrared saunas, and starts a huge martial arts program.

Fitness NC is out to transform the fitness industry in North Carolina by providing a comfortable and safe gym environment across the state as fitness centers reopen to a markedly changed fitness world as COVID-19 restrictions lift. 

Ian Mullins, a young entrepreneur, dubbed as the most forward-thinking Internet Marketing Individual, says the Fitness North Carolina team is looking to expand and open many more locations. 

Mullins, who started the company right before the pandemic began, says Fitness NC currently has five locations and has managed to push through the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

The fitness center has physical locations as well as online fitness coaching, physical and online classes, and nutrition coaching.

“Not all perform best in group fitness coaching sessions, and for this, we understand the need for individual online coaching programs,” explains Mullins. The company provides a personal fitness coaching program, which serves as the solution to all gym enthusiasts’ needs for dedicated attention and time to get fit and trained. They can turn to Live 1-on-1 personal training through Zoom and Skype sessions to achieve their fitness and bodybuilding goals. Fitness NC offers 24/7 available support, guidance, and motivation to help members with their fitness goals.

The fitness center has also led the pack in offering the highest skilled personal trainers to get to know members on a personal level, so they are able to customize and tailor workouts, especially for achieving personal fitness goals. Mullins says Fitness NC has expert fitness instructors and nutritionists who treat each member individually and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Mullins also announced that the company is about to start a huge martial arts program touted as a game-changer in the fitness industry in North Carolina and across the United States.

Fitness NC is also introducing a wide array of wellness options in its gyms. For example, the wellness center now has infrared saunas. The infrared saunas are known to help reduce muscle soreness and boost recovery from strength-training sessions. Compared to a traditional sauna, infrared saunas don’t heat the air around people. Instead, they utilize infrared lamps to warm the body directly.  

The management is looking to place the infrared saunas along with sensory deprivation tanks. Its main model is to price its gym as affordable as possible, which is $10 per month. 

Fitness North Carolina works with hundreds of different insurance companies along with Silver Sneakers so that many people’s actual gym membership will be free. The company then charges a separate upgrade if individuals want to use extra amenities like massage chairs, tanning, etc.

Customers can get in touch with Fitness NC and experience world-class fitness coaching programs by visiting the website

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