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November 10 18:45 2021

Based in Dubai, Ringside Gym Global is a top-notch boxing gym that offers kids and adults kickboxing classes, boxing classes, martial art classes, Muay Thai training and personal training for males and females. As the leading boxing gym in Dubai with highly trained professional instructors, Ringside Gym Global ensures that its trainees are well-supervised and trained to achieve stable progress through their training process. The company also provides personalized training attached to the skills and training for a full-body workout.

Speaking about kickboxing classes, the company spokesperson said, “Kickboxing is the name for a stand-up fighting sport that involves punches and kicks. The name is derived based on the sport being a combination of boxing with karate. Kickboxing can be started at early an early, with the help of kickboxing classes for kids. You don’t have to worry about safety precautions as our trainers will ensure that the students face each other in an organized and controlled environment with the correct blocking tactics. However, at the early stage of kicking classes, every student will be expected to bring their regular training kits, including trainers, shorts and a t-shier. We provide boxing gloves and wrist wraps, but it is good to buy them on your own to remove the chances of infection.”

Parents need to be sure they know why they want to put their children into kids boxing classes in Dubai. There isn’t a minimum age of boxing, but sessions are always restricted to kids above ten years. However, much like MMA and other self-defense tactics, kids boxing has a lot of benefits for the body, including burning away calories, muscle toning, and relieving stress. In addition, Muay Thai is the name for Thai boxing, which is also an exceptional self-defense technique. Ringside Gym Global provides training for Thai boxing for kids with all the safety precautions.

The spokesperson further added, “At Ringside Gym Global, we offer kickboxing lessons with personal trainers for students of all ages. Our professional instructors have many years of experience in the industry, and the majority have been professional fighters. They offer the nuances of boxing to their students, showing them how they can be the best. Our training is based on several values, one of which teaches the learners to be patient and humble in every situation. Personal classes can provide individuals attention to those who want to develop specialized skills. Our boxing gym in AL Quoz has a state of the art services for all forms of self-defense. Students of several stages are present here, which allow them to share their experience and learn from each other as well.”

Kickboxing can be a low or high influence workout with high concentration. Both muscle and circulatory strength are increased here. If you are a beginner, you should start at a slow pace and then move ahead while taking regular breaks in between. However, Ringside Gym Global has experienced instructors who have training commands for all kinds of students.

About Ringside Gym Global

Ringside Gym Global is one of the leading boxing gyms that offer personal kickboxing classes in Dubai. They also provide health training lessons for females in a comfortable environment, with passionate personal trainers who pay close attention to their students. The personal trainers organize training sessions for about 6 to 7 hours a week for students with a tight schedule.

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