New book “Beating Diabetes” by D.J. Jones is released. It’s a guide for curing type 2 diabetes and staying fit that will help people live healthier, happier lives.

November 10 10:50 2021

“Beating Diabetes: Cure Yourself of Type 2 Diabetes and Get a Slimmer, Fitter, Sexier Body as a Bonus” by D.J. Jones has been released worldwide. This honest, often humorous approach to transformative change doesn’t lean on fad diets or temporary solutions. Instead, Jones draws from his own experiences overcoming obesity and diabetes to provide practical advice that leads to lasting results. By reshaping relationships with food, learning how hormones function, and understanding that no one is too far gone, readers can begin their journey back toward a healthier lifestyle. Along with feeling better and living longer, people who make these changes can actually cure themselves of type 2 diabetes –  and in the process, get closer to the slim, lissom body they’ve always dreamed of. 

Beating Diabetes (ISBN: 9780998730431) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Amazon. For a limited time, the ebook retails for a special price of $2.99. 

From the back cover:

You’re an accomplished person. You work hard and achieve your goals. In fact, by most measures, you’re an overachiever. 

But how many New Years have gone by without you keeping your promises to become the best version of yourself? How many years have you beaten yourself up because you didn’t get to show off the lean, fit, sexy body you’ve envisioned in your dreams? 

Get off the hamster wheel of slingshot (not yo-yo) dieting and endless frustration. Fat loss is a hormonal game. Learn the rules of the game and finally play to win so you can make good on those promises you’ve made to yourself.

About the author:

D.J.Jones, a technology writer from New York City, was a fat kid, a fat teen, and subsequently an obese man. He skipped right past the category of overweight man and went straight to obese because he was nearly 300 pounds by the time he turned 18. After more than 20 years of being a Type 2 diabetic and watching his health get progressively worse, he had a stroke shortly after he turned 49. Determined to turn things around before his 50th birthday, he changed his diet and began a journey that has made him fitter at 50 years old than he was at 40, 30, or even 20.

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