Author Jim Seaman talks about utilizing unorthodox teaching methods to help students excel in his entertaining and humorous book, “My Students Taught Me How to Teach.”

November 10 06:39 2021

Author Jim Seaman’s impressive book, “My Students Taught Me How to Teach,” which tackles an inspiring insight into how unorthodox teaching methods help students rise up and excel, is now available globally in online bookstores.

Jim opens up about the comments he gets from readers who question the title of his book. He says many would ask, “How is it possible for students to teach the teacher how to teach?” 

Jim Seaman said his style and persona are one of having fun and bringing smiles into people’s lives. “I wanted this to include my students. But I wasn’t sure if I could bring the “real me” into the classroom. I was concerned that if I acted silly or a little crazy or played a prank, the students would not be able to re-focus and immediately get back on track,” he writes.

Jim told his students on their first day, “I can be strict, or we could have fun. It’s up to you.” Every year, his students chose laughter and fun, and as a result, they tried harder and scored higher than most classes in the district. 

The author learned that by utilizing unorthodox teaching methods and unique lesson plans students would rise up and excel (as if Jim was teaching an honors class).

An example of Jim’s different teaching styles was when students did not return the pencils they borrowed. “After going through 400-500 pencils each year, I knew something had to be done so I told the students they were going to learn a new word for the day. I wrote the word ‘collateral’ on the board and defined it to the class. The next time a student asked to borrow a pencil, I told them to come up to my desk and give me one of their shoes. I told them that when they went to recess or lunch, I would give them their shoe back as soon as I got my pencil back,” Jim shares in his book.

Another example of Jim’s unique and fun style was when he handed out a homework packet during the two-week holiday break “I always gave out a packet of work, as did most teachers, to keep their brains activated during their time off.  In my last year of teaching, I put the packets in a box and wrapped them in Christmas paper. I then had a UPS driver (shorts and all) knock on my door just before school was over. He told the class he had a delivery for Mr. Seaman’s class. The students jumped out of their seats and ran to him, thinking there was candy and treats in the box. When it was unwrapped and they saw their homework packet, I thought there was going to be a mutiny in my class.”

Jim Seaman is now a retired 5th and 6th-grade teacher who relocated to the Seattle area after losing his home in the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake. He pursued a nagging desire to become a teacher and went back to college at the age of 52 to receive his teaching certificate. 

His hobbies include writing magazine articles, downloading his favorite songs (about 1100), writing poetry, and photography, in which he and his wife, Karen, have received numerous awards. 

He has recently published, Where Does the Trombone Go? The Sex Ed Questions You Won’t Believe Kids Ask (and answered by their teachers) and Partly Sunny with a Chance of Laughter, Poems that will make you Think, Wonder, Question, and Smile. 

He is currently in the process of completing 54 Years (and counting) of Love, Laughs, and Lunacy: A Marriage lived as a T.V. Comedy Show. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “My Students Taught Me How to Teach” can purchase it on AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository, and Writers’ Branding. Readers can also learn more about author Jim Seaman by visiting

Writers’ Branding, a full-service self-publishing company, has led the pack in bringing out Jim Seaman’s exceptional book to the public. The reading audience will be able to relate to this must-read book since we’ve all been through elementary school, and as they read this entertaining book most will comment to themselves “I wish I was in Mr. Seaman’s class!”

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