Classy Scrubs Offers Comfort and Style to Today’s Dedicated Medical Professionals

November 10 04:24 2021
The online store has a wide selection of medical apparel that can suit different types of individuals.

Classy Scrubs is a medical apparel online store, providing comfortable, stylish and quality medical apparel to hardworking professional women and men of all shapes and sizes. Their products include solid tops, pants, joggers, outerwear, maternity, layers, lab coats and masks.

“Entrepreneurship gives me the freedom to raise my children and be there for special milestones that I would otherwise miss out on while working long hours away from home,” shared Nurse Phylisa, CEO and owner of Classy Scrubs.

Nurse Phylisa worked in healthcare for more than 18 years, beginning as a home health aide. She is now a nurse and mother of four, living her dream of entrepreneurship.

Classy Scrubs offers various exciting collections: Signature, Activate, Energy, Insight, Touch, Peaches, Rothwear and Boutique Lab Coats.

Signature offers Classy Scrubs’ signature V-neck three-pocket top and drawstring pants.

Activate is the online store’s number one collection. The fabric in this collection is super soft polyester spandex with the perfect amount of stretch. There is even a maternity option.

Energy is introduced as a value version of Activate. They share the same fabric, but Energy offers a simplified design. This collection is perfect for groups.

Insight is a unique collection that is every bit as functional as it is stylish. This collection offers a fantastic fit and a beautiful drape of super soft fabric.

Touch offers effortlessly cool styles in performance fabric that feels like cotton. The apparel in this collection is available in heathered fabrics and extended sizes.

Peaches is Classy Scrubs’ most fashion-forward collection. The groundbreaking fabric has wicking properties and feels invigorating to wear.

Rothwear for Men offers premium fabrics, trims and techniques at an astounding price. The full spectrum of medical professionals will appreciate the level of detail that Classy Scrubs put into each piece.

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About Classy Scrubs

Classy Scrubs is a medical apparel online store founded by a budding entrepreneur who worked in healthcare for more than 18 years.

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