Disney Actor Devan Leos From Mighty Med Hints at New NFT Release

November 09 22:01 2021
Disney Actor Devan Leos From Mighty Med Hints at New NFT Release
Devan Leos Via Instagram (@TheDevanLeos)
Devan Leos, best known for his roles on Disney Channel (primarily as Alan from Mighty Med); just hinted at releasing a new NFT project.

Disney Channel actor Devan Leos, known for Mighty Med and Madea’s Witness Protection, posted on his Instagram account on Nov. 8th, 2021, hinting at a possible NFT project he is working on.

Devan Leos has mostly been behind the scenes, working as a publicist, and operating various online businesses; but the actor is far from forgetting about his creative endeavors and passions. According to Leos’ IG story, he is in the process of creating various NFT’s that are from multiple drawn and painted series that Devan made while he was in solitary confinement.

Devan’s background in art dates back to 2014-2015, were experimented with texturing and painting, while also heavily focusing on performance art. While many artists are focusing on NFT-trend type animations, Leos is experimenting with digital art spawned from physical art, as well as some more minimalist/texture pieces that are commentaries about the justice system, mental health, and identity. 

The former Disney actor currently has over 100k followers on Instagram, as well as over 45k on Tik Tok, and it is suspected that Leos will utilize his social media to promote his NFT projects and discuss them with fans.

For more updates about the former Disney Channel actor, be sure to follow him on social media @ThDevanLeos

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