Ash Shukla Combines Ancient Wisdom with Modern Day Finances to Create Financial CHAKRAS™

November 10 00:50 2021

Ellicott City, Maryland, USA – November 9, 2021 – Combining ancient wisdom with modern-day finances, Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Ash Shukla has discovered a holistic approach to building wealth called “Financial CHAKRAS™”. As a former financial advisor spending over two decades in the financial industry and managing over $300 million with major financial institutions, Shukla is excited to announce he will be publishing his book, “Financial CHAKRAS™” in early 2022.

In 1989, Shukla came to the United States with $20 in his pocket and not a word of the English language. Today, he has sold more than 5,000 copies of his best selling book “Sell Like Crazy”, and he was recognized with a Congressional Honor for his work in helping entrepreneurs, As a tribute to his late grandfather, Shukla is about to release his 5th book, “Financial CHAKRAS™” designed to help others realize their fullest financial potential.

Financial CHAKRAS™” is Ash’s 4-step system guiding your journey from peace to long-lasting prosperity. “I’m excited to share these principles with business owners and entrepreneurs,” says Shukla. “The ability to create consistent cash flow has always been something entrepreneurs struggle with, but once they learn the Financial CHAKRAS™ system, that will change everything.”

The words Financial CHAKRAS™ were first coined and established by Ash Shukla along with his grandfather in 2008. Founded on the pillars of practical and energetic alignment, Financial CHAKRAS™ helps you with inner and outer alignment so that you take control of your life. Shukla has been teaching others how to align their inner path and embrace the outer journey to gain full financial mastery and ultimate spiritual satisfaction of accomplishment.

“Our strength lies in our purity of purpose. We strive for individual entrepreneurs and business owners to do well, spiritually and financially. We find utmost satisfaction in knowing that because of us, you are in a better place today than yesterday. We teach for inner and outer alignment,” says Shukla.

About Ash Shukla

As a former financial planner, Ash Shukla has been studying finances for more than 2 decades. During his financial career, Ash has managed over $300 million dollars in assets. In 2012, he received a Congressional Honor for his contribution to small business owners. His best-selling book, “Sell Like Crazy”, has sold over 5,000 copies.

Learning from his grandfather’s wisdom, Ash has developed a 4-step program using ancient principles to create transformational wealth. The Financial CHAKRAS™ System helps others achieve their fullest financial potential. His fifth book, named after his proven system, “Financial CHAKRAS™” is the most comprehensive guide on the market on how to achieve ultimate inner alignment, measure your potential in dollars, and achieve transformational financial abundance.

Ash’s unique approach to finances has made him a popular keynote speaker, regularly invited by schools, universities, and business chapters. Learn more about Ash Shukla at

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