New book “Selling a Business Blueprint” by Michael O’Donnell is released, a logical, step-by-step road map for effectively selling a business that gets right to the point

November 09 18:56 2021

New book “Selling a Business Blueprint” by Michael O’Donnell is released, a logical, step-by-step road map for effectively selling a business that gets right to the point.

“Selling a Business Blueprint” by Michael O’Donnell PA has been released worldwide. This 173-page guidebook is a detailed, no-frills guide for selling a business that provides actual steps, example documents, and direct instructions in a clear, concise way. Unlike other business selling books and articles, O’Donnell doesn’t rely on anecdotes or vague information, and instead leverages practical experience to provide a cost-effective blueprint of best practices and critical, actionable information. This is the most comprehensive book of its kind.

Selling a Business Blueprint (ISBN: 979-8490539261) can be purchased through Amazon and will be available through other retailers soon. The paperback retails for $39.00, and the Kindle ebook retails for $2.99. 

From the back cover: Everything you need to price, package, advertise, and sell a small business. Why this book? There are numerous books and articles on selling a small business. None of them provide a road map and connect the dots in a logical sequence. 80% of small businesses listed for sale each year fail to sell. This book was written to solve that problem. It provides business owners with the blueprint that has been missing in the body of work on how to sell a small business. This is not just a book, it’s a blueprint for selling a business.

Who is this book for? Whether selling the business by owner or through a broker, this content can be used to coordinate the sale and transition of the company among all the stakeholders involved in the effort. What makes this book different? This book provides the nuts and bolts of selling, including samples of forms, agreements, and other content required. It avoids the meandering stories common in other books and distills the essence of the process. It’s not a case study or academic textbook. It’s a real-world instruction manual. It provides the roadmap, tasks, tips, tools, and actions necessary to sell any small business. How does this book deliver on its promise? The promise is a sale of the business. You are more likely to have a successful transaction by following this blueprint. If you can’t sell your business using this blueprint, it’s probably not saleable. If your business fundamentals are sound and you follow this blueprint, this book promises you (or your client) a successful sale.

BONUS: The forms, agreements and other samples contained herein are available in digital format for quick editing, with copyright permission to use them.

About the author:

Michael’s career spans 35+ years as a venture capital-funded entrepreneur, author, angel investor, and advisor. His expertise is starting, funding, buying, and selling small businesses. Since 2016 he has focused most of his time working with entrepreneurs on growth strategies and exit planning. 

Michael founded Ask-Me Multimedia,,, and Leaves, Inc., among others. He was on the launch team of CompuServe SPRYNET, one of the first national Internet Service Providers (went public as part of CompuServe), and Design Intelligence (acquired by Microsoft). 

Michael has raised over $50M in venture capital and has orchestrated company spinouts, acquisitions, and exits. He is an active investor and advisor that has run an international high-tech accelerator, a federally funded entrepreneurial training program, and a venture capital fund. He also served as an Adjunct Instructor for the Broward College Entrepreneurial Experience (BCEx). 

As founder/CEO of, Michael has assisted more than 25,000 startups. As the Managing Director of and facilitator of courses/workshops on selling a small business, Michael has assisted hundreds of owners to prepare for exit and achieve a successful sale. 

Michael is the author of several best-selling books and a popular blogger/speaker on starting, buying, and selling a small business. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn:

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