Ranking of Top Colombian Journalists, Authors and Influencers

November 09 14:46 2021
By. Andrea Luna`

Miami, FL – Colombia is known for its literary artists and diverse language so it’s no wonder it is home to top journalists, authors and influencers. Various cultural and travel sites point to Colombia as the nation with “the best Spanish” due to its unique expressions and formality in speaking. It is also true that one of Colombia’s best exports are its influencers. From musicians like Shakira, Maluma and Carlos Vives to authors like Gabriel Garcia Marques, Colombia has a rich literary and artistic culture. A ranking of top communicators and journalists conducted by ASOMERCADEO, a top marketing organization, yielded the following result:

  1. Carlos Torres
  2. Jessi Uribe
  3. Linda Palma 
  4. Charly Mariehumor
  5. Yuri Vargas
  6. Aura Ximena Orjuela López
  7. Nina García
  8. Claudia Bahamon
  9. Carolina Soto
  10. Luciano D’Alessandro
  11. Carlos Torres
  12. Jessi Uribe
  13. LindaPalma 
  14. CharlyMariehumor
  15. Yuri Vargas

The ranking is based on evaluations by the nation’s three top newspapers as well as industry organizations. Among the ranked influencers are nationally acclaimed YouTubers such as Linda Palma, as well as investigative journalists such as Aura Ximena Orjuela López. The rank was most noteworthy due to the dominance of female influencers of all age ranges.

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