The Elite Man Method Offers An Overall Health & Fitness Program For High-Achieving Men

November 09 16:12 2021
Former Athlete Helps CEOs, Businessmen, and Busy Dads Get Back In Shape With His New Training Method.

Former NFL and CFL athlete, Pat Woodcock, helps men who struggle to devote time and energy to taking care of their bodies through his program, The Elite Man Method. His brand new approach is geared towards executives, entrepreneurs, and busy dads who are unable to find a fitness program that is workable given the demands of their careers or business.

Pat understands the difficulties of his clients from first-hand experience. After years of playing professional football, he shifted to becoming a Coach and opened his own training facility. His method of training was wildly successful and earned him a spot on the list of Top 40 Under 40 Business Leaders.

However, between managing the needs of his growing business…and his growing family…Pat was unable to devote time to his health and fitness. He quickly got out of shape – to the point that he was embarrassed to take his shirt off at the beach. He was stressed and did not sleep or eat properly, and his performance as a coach, a business owner, and as a father, suffered.

The former athlete also realized that physically, his body is not 25 anymore! So of course, it didn’t respond in the same way to the workout methods that he used when he was younger. His lifestyle and schedule were obviously much different given his current responsibilities, and his training and nutrition needed to reflect that. Pat knew he needed a different approach.

The Elite Man Method is the program that he developed after working his way out of his fitness slump. Pat learned that even the busiest Men can implement an effective fitness routine that fits into a hectic lifestyle while still delivering results.

“The Elite Man Method will lead you step-by-step to the Strong Body, Great Energy, and Healthy Life you’ve been yearning for… so you can truly enjoy the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve,” said Pat.

He adds, “This is a brand new approach to training and nutrition for high-performing Men. It allows them to overcome and even reverse the negative effects that their fast-paced, high-stress, 24/7 lifestyle has had on their body.”

His program coordinates all the elements that play a role in a complete health and fitness lifestyle, including training, nutrition, supplement planning, stress management, and sleep optimization. Additionally, members will benefit from helpful lifestyle hacks and get support from the Elite Man Method community.

The results of the program speak for themselves. He has already helped hundreds of CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, successful businessmen, busy Dads, and other former athletes achieve their goals.

According to Pat, developing a leaner and more muscular physique is only one of the benefits of the program. With a stronger, healthier body, members also experience an increase in their self-confidence and improvements in their physical relationship with their partners. Most importantly, members are able to live more productively, waking up feeling energized to perform at their best in all areas of their life.

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