Kendric’s ‘SyncedUp’ is Uniting the Entire World

November 09 14:48 2021
Inspirational lifestyle clothing is turning society’s head.


The brand that unites all. Why?… Because there are so many influences that highlight the irrelevant differences of humankind. The naivety of turning against thy neighbor has been an awfully overlooked pandemic that has persisted for generations. It is a predicament that has stifled the progress of humankind, and quite frankly, it’s sickening.

Underneath SyncedUp are designs that remind society that as a single race, the human race, there ought to be some coming together for the greatest good of all. Opposition on a SHARED PLANET just doesn’t make sense. That leads to the first design, EleMental.

EleMental. Taking care of our home should be base knowledge. However, littering is still “in” like the Jerry Curl was in the 80s. The worst part about it is that littering is just one of the many acts that victimize this beautiful Earth. Changing the world seems a bit dramatic, so why not start by influencing mindfulness? Maybe that will spark a positive shift. As more Earth members adjust conscious efforts towards the right things, that alone will ignite change.

Womban (womb+woman). The Womb has been combined with Woman to form Womban. The womb is reminiscent of a cocoon. In this instance, the Woman has taken a beating over these generations and has worn all her scars boldly and fearlessly. Eventually, an encasing develops that has buried her deep to the point where she is unrecognizable. Just when it seems it’s too late for the battered woman, she EXPLODES from the layers seemingly more beautiful and radiant than before. It is impossible to keep such a powerful and nurturing force out of the race for long. In this race of life, it is highly beneficial to have all forces working in unison.

FourFigures (4Figures). Fortitude. Functionality. Freedom. Flow. Anyone that progresses must have fortitude to endure the hardships of climbing the mountain of success.

Functionality is what permits relevancy in society. Value is measured by what an individual can bring to the table. Investing time and energy towards self-development is worthwhile.

Freedom cannot be grasped or achieved. It is a state of being that blossoms from a strong mind and a fulfilled heart. Fortitude and Functionality in a demanding society can lead to freedom.Flow is final because at this point, navigating life is natural like the current of a river. Fortitude. Functionality. Freedom. Flow. #4Figures

b e C o Me. The newest and perhaps most powerful of the SyncedUp designs. What better way to improve the world than self-improvement? To b e C o Me starts with envisioning. To b e C o Me begins with the powerful consciousness of the human being. There are no limits. There are only illusions that convince people they aren’t enough. Become physically fit. Become financially stable. Become a source of inspiration. Become a loving partner. Becoming a business owner. Whatever the focus may be, the power of mind can grant the user exactly what is envisioned and more. b e C o Me.

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