EBMA London has been Rated as one of the Best Digital Academies in the World

November 09 10:42 2021
EBMA London has been Rated as one of the Best Digital Academies in the World

LONDON, UK – With more than 3 years in the field of virtual education, European Business Management Academy – London has succeeded in positioning itself as the most outstanding online university in its sector, thanks to cutting-edge technologies that enhance learning in line.


In 2020, virtual education has played a fundamental role in education around the world. The closure of schools, colleges and universities, due to the pandemic, has forced educational institutions to reinvent themselves through digital platforms. It is in this new context that distance universities have taken the advantage, placing digital transformation as a key sector in the development of societies as the main focus.

In this constantly expanding sector, the success story of European Business Management Academy stands out, an online higher education institution that has succeeded in positioning itself as the benchmark institution in its sector. All this thanks to the academic offer it provides, the selection of its teaching staff and an innovative learning method aimed at training the professionals of tomorrow.


EBM Academy London offers its students various diplomas, masters, management development programs, language courses and degree courses, all digitally developed and covering the vast majority of fields of knowledge: all disciplines of Business Management, Innovation, Diplomacy & Protocols, technology, sports, economics and commerce, communication and marketing, education, tourism and hospitality, etc.

EBM Academy emphasizes that the key, in a sector as sensitive as education, lies in the quality of training. “The digital transition must not change the commitment to quality education that has characterized the University over the centuries. It needs to invest in the technology needed to put students at the center of the learning process, but the quality of teaching continues to be essential,” says Dr George Reading, Executive Vice President of EBM Academy.


With this premise, EBM Academy offers its students the most avant-garde methodology in the current market: ReLearning, an innovative digital learning system, based on directed reiteration, being the pioneering and accredited institution to put it into practice. This method is internationally recognized for its ability to combine teaching rigor, academic requirements and the latest educational technologies as much as possible, offering results of excellence.

The results of this method applied in study methodologies at EBM Academy are outstanding, exceedingly exceeding global quality standards that assess the effectiveness of online training. Aspects such as the methodology, the course content or the technology used obtain scores higher than the 4 out of 5 points offered by the Likert scale.

In the first year of applying the methodology, ReLearning achieved an average score of 8.01 out of 10, the highest in its industry. This rating also improved overall student satisfaction levels on metrics that identify EBM Academy as one of the best academies online.

European Business Management Academy: https://www.ebm-academy.org/

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