New Version of ROV Manipulator Arm Solutions Developed For Operations In Harsh Environments

November 09 06:24 2021
Blueprint Lab specializes in developing controllers, robotic manipulators, and vision systems to make operations in remote and challenging environments possible. The Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo Mk2 manipulators are suited for unmanned sea, land, and air vehicles.

Blueprint Lab are pleased to announce the release of Mk2 of a range of robotic manipulators to enable and enhance autonomous and remote operations in challenging environments and confined spaces. Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo ROV manipulator arms multiply capabilities for unmanned land, air, and sea vehicles. The manipulator arms are suited for military and commercial operations and are unique for their toughness, power, small size, and intelligence.

The multi-function manipulator arm is designed to work with underwater ROVs, unmanned land-based vehicles, and a variety of other platforms which operate in harsh settings. The waterproof manipulator was designed to withstand the immense pressure of marine environments but is also suitable for above-water use. The devices can be deployed in land, nuclear, and subsea domains with confidence. The systems are available in a range of configurations up to 7-Functions and 7 Degrees of Freedom and, when combined with manipulator control systems including the Master Arm and Reach Control, the capability is beyond what previously existed for small unmanned platforms.

The Mk2 design revision includes a range of improvements addressing reliability, performance, toughness, and durability and applies to both the Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo range, as well as the Master Arm control technology.

The manipulators are designed for applications in offshore energy, maritime defense, space, robotics research, marine science, nuclear, special recovery, petrochemical, and land UGV operations. Applications include complex intervention and inspection in maritime infrastructure management, including UWILD, CVI, NDT, and sampling, special recovery solutions for police and military organizations, nuclear debris management, autonomous research, marine organism collections, and more.

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Blueprint Lab’s vision is to extend human reach into harsh environments. To do this they create tough, durable,advanced manipulation and perception systems. Their systems enable complex inspection and intervention in maritime infrastructure management (UWILD, NDT, CVI, Sampling), military/police organisation (Special Recovery), marine science, autonomous robotics research applications, and more.

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