Excellent and Unknown Text, “Aristo of Ceos: Text, Translation, and Discussion” Set for Release in November

November 08 23:27 2021

Classic Humanities lovers and adept readers of the Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities (RUSCH) series would beam with excitement with the recent release of the 13th volume, Aristo of Ceos. Also known as an “excellent and unknown text”, Aristo of Ceos gives an in-depth understanding of our present culture through the lenses of the culture of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Aristo of Ceos is a continuation of the work on the School of Aristotle. This edition contains a translation on facing pages and notes on the Greek and Latin texts. The work is dedicated to Aristo of Lulis on Ceos, who was active in the third quarter of the third century, had several disputed works that were claimed to be both his and that of a liked-named Stoic philosopher from Chios.

This volume contains biographies written by Aristo on Heraclitus, Socrates, and Epicurus and descriptions of persons exhibiting inconsiderateness, self-will, and other unattractive traits that relate closely to the characters of Theophrastus.

“The 13th volume in the RUSCH series, and the fifth to focus on Theophrastos’ colleagues, pupils and successors, is dedicated to the Peripathetic philosopher Ariston of Keos. This is a landmark in the Aristonean scholarship and another valuable addition to the study of the Peripathetic tradition,” said a review.

The book will be released on the 13th of November 2021 and is available on Amazon.

William W. Fortenbaugh is professor emeritus of classics at Rutgers University. He founded the Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities (RUSCH) series and is the current series editor.

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