The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time by Orville Mann Joins Author’s Tranquility Press

November 08 23:15 2021
Innovative publicity agency, Author’s Tranquility Press, supports Orville Mann as he answers questions surrounding George Lee’s quest of preventing World War III in “The Adventures of George Lee”.

Author’s Tranquility Press has thrown their weight behind Orville Mann by adding him to their placement store program. Titled The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time, the book chronicles the series of events that followed a threat by a superweapon that challenged the sovereignty of the United States and the involvement of George Lee in preventing another major global disaster.

Different books of history have tried to detail happenings that led to the First World War as well as World War II, narrating the stories based on their understanding. However, the world has heard almost nothing about the possible World War III, if there was anything like that, which is where Orville Mann is looking to make a difference with the publication of The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time.

The book is an educational piece that takes readers down memory lane, narrating the role of George Lee as he leads a combined force of military and civilian employees in building a device to destroy the weapon before it hits the U.S. The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time offers an amazing combination of action, drama, and a bit of romance and a touch of spirituality, detailing how George unexpectedly finds romance in his quest to prevent World War III.

The Adventures of George Lee: A Race Against Time is currently available on Amazon, where it has enjoyed amazing reviews from readers across the globe. “We thoroughly enjoyed this book! It has humor, action, and suspense, along with a little romance. All that, along with deep faith in God … it’s so good to read a book about men and women who lead the military with strong Christian values!” said Shirolet Mann.

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