Tessa The Job Doctor Shares Secrets to Success in the Workplace

November 08 08:36 2021

Known as the “Job Doctor” on television, Tessa brings her strong expertise into helping the companies and people’s dynamics that create engagement, accountability,  and much more.

Career Coach | Job Doctor | Career Navigation Consultant

She teaches the skills to move employees from average to top performers and leads companies to retain and engage in this top-tier workforce.  Her presentations give tangible and original tactics that create momentum moments. 

Recently she was featured in an interview with FAST COMPANY. She states that one of her most notable successes has been transforming the culture at a primary healthcare provider by identifying what resonates with their employees’ values. 

Tessa helps employees learn how to be the best they can be and then apply that knowledge towards solving problems. 

Human Resources | Fractional HR | Diversity and Inclusion

Every person at work will walk away with a game plan to implement simple changes in their everyday lives, so the impact goes from average to exemplary.

Resume Help | Interview Questions | interviewing  Assistance | Greatest Weakness

Tessa has the perfect solutions to get that new job. 

Her dynamic presentations help transform many people’s application and interview process with precise strategies that will make an impression. 

Tessa helps people get their dream position by following her secrets when interviewing or applying for jobs within any company size – big or small.

Job Search | Pay Negotiation | Compensation

Landing a job with the right pay can be difficult. 

Tessa helps her clients get noticed and considered for their dream job. She’s revealed insider secrets of how to best prepare oneself in interviews. 

Many people are not aware of what they should or shouldn’t say during an interview, but when someone’s ready to land the job of their dreams it’s important that all factors are considered. 

From how best to present oneself through clothing choice and body language down to knowing which questions will lead most effectively into expressing interest in joining their team; these tips can help make sure every word counts!

Promotion | Raise | Employment

She also helps clients avoid ineffective strategies while calming their nerves about landing their dream job. She teaches things never to say during an interview and helps many people who follow her expert advice to make employers want them.

She is outsmarting the Applicant Tracking System and how to create a resume that makes it through the online application process into a real person’s hands. 

Working Women | Mentoring

Tessa is a sought-after speaker who delivers her dynamic presentations to NJ, NY, and FL audiences. 

Her lively speaking style motivates attendees at the end of this program with renewed confidence, “enthusiasm for finding new careers,” certainty about their desired role(s) among many others like hope which she encourages them all to share by saying: “You can do it! You deserve what you want – no matter where or when.”

She believes to improve the company’s bottom line, start by investing in the people who are already there. 

The idea of a program that will turn “regular” employees into dedicated and supercharged workers may sound far-fetched – but it doesn’t have to be. Her single program can turn “regular” employees into committed contributors eager to give their best and more towards achieving results.

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