Indonesian Sports Doctor, Grace Joselini Corlesa Consolidate Between Passion and Profession

November 06 00:51 2021

Specialized doctor of medical sports, Dr. Grace Joselini Corlesa C, MMRS, SpKO embraks her career in beauty pageant contests. The title of Putri Indonesia East Borneo 2009 didn’t stop her leap into sward to cure the athletes. 

Becoming a doctor has been her aim since graduating from UPN Veteran University. She is grateful that her passion in sports brought her to become the Badminton National Doctor Team. How was the track record of Grace pursuing her career? 

Sowing her love to basketball, Grace took specific studies in the sports medicine specialist at University of Indonesia (FKUI). Her career in this industry began when she worked as Venue Doctor in West Java PON Festival back in 2016. Grace’s personal figure is more challenged as a meadow worker than treating patients from a consultation table. 

“The conditions in the field are quite dynamic. The pressure is different. When an athlete gets injured, doctors could decide the whole game whether it will continue or not, “said the mother of two children who currently lives in South Tangerang. Apart from having adequate competence, being a sports doctor is also required to quickly adapt to uncertain conditions. 

In 2017, she continued on DKI POPNAS as a contingent Doctor. Aside from her career, she was still studying hospital management. Fortunately she got the best graduate of Master’s degree for the Summa Cum Laude grant. She handled Asian Games Women’s National Team Doctor next year. 

“I actively participated in several major championship events, this year I am strengthening the Indonesian Badminton National Training Team (PBSI), which will certainly be a new experience, excitement & adrenaline,” she said. 

Her Instagram persona @gjcsetiawan shows views of her latest activity. She is teaching as a lecturer at Universitas Pertahanan RI and being a health resource information for various media. 

“I think pursuing a passion, especially if it produces results, can be the best choice to do,” she added. Currently, Grace Joselini Corlesa is a member of Indonesian Sports Medicine Association (PDSKO). 

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