ATTOP X3: The Best 1080P HD Camera Drone – Stunning Discount

November 04 23:24 2021

Arriving just one year after its predecessor, the ATTOP X 3 is the newest mid-range consumer drone. The new model not only sheds the familiar functions in favor of 1080P HD resolution, altitude hold, and 3D flip, following the lead of ATTOP W10 drone, but receives some significant upgrades. Most notably, the X3 features a camera with a foldable design and one key returning – Other brands with the same functions will cost you more than $150.

The drone comes with advanced voice control, gesture control, and gravity control. In addition, the drone has unique propeller guards, which not only protects users from unintentional cutting, but also protects the drone’s body from damage. ATTOP X 3 is offering a 40 percent discount via Amazon Clip Coupon, which means you can get it at $47.99.

Easy to Control

Beginners will like the several remote control ways and one-key operating functions. If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to operate the kid drone, try using voice control. When no one is around to photograph you, use the “V” or palm gestures. When you’re feeling a bit arm-acid, press the one-key return button to summon the kid drone. Start the drone camera in headless mode, and the forward direction will be the same as when it took off.

Advanced Features

Draw a route for your drone with a 1080P camera on the APP and let it fly along it. Don’t miss the amazing 360°flips done by the drones for kids during the cruise. Your camera-equipped drone is surpassed by other drones for adults after the performance? Don’t worry, there are three speeds to choose from. Change to second gear and accelerate! Change to third gear and go for it!


This function from the “W FPV” APP guarantees easy uploading of clear photographs and live videos to social media, saving you from the worry of SD storage.

ATTOP X 3 is an outstanding present for teen boys and girls, especially when Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are approaching. The original price of this product is $79.99, but with the discount, it can be added to your basket for only $47.99. The promotion is only valid till November 7th, believe you guys can’t wait to click this link below and buy this amazing drone now:

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