Gift Shop GetBullish Launches “Gifts From Brooklyn, Not Billionaires” Initiative

November 04 21:45 2021
Shop small movement finds a new, humorous take from a woman-owned ecommerce shop this holiday gift shopping season.

GetBullish is an online gift shop headquartered in a small, sunny warehouse on the Brooklyn waterfront. And in the days of giant corporations taking over all e-commerce, founder Jen Dziura wants customers to know just how small GetBullish is – and why that’s a good thing.

“We’re not one of those giant warehouses with the robots and the really long walks to the bathroom,” said Dziura in a candid Instagram post. “When you buy stuff from us, one of the 4-5 staff members walks over to the shelf and picks it up. It doesn’t need to have an extra, wasteful layer of plastic on it to stick a barcode sticker on. We just look at the item … with our eyes! And then we put it in a package for you.”

Dziura also emphasized that shopping small is convenient for customers and reduces waste. Buyers sometimes wonder why some of those “other” megashops send 4 (giant!) boxes when you ordered 5 things — it’s because those items were in warehouses all over the country, and even when they aren’t, it makes more sense for them to send you two packages than to walk a quarter mile across a giant warehouse to put two identical eyeliners in the same package. “So, we don’t do that,” says Dziura. “We put all your stuff in one box, unless it’s REALLY weirdly shaped, in which case – wait for it – two boxes!”

This holiday season, GetBullish is sending the message “Buy gifts from Brooklyn, not billionaires.” According to Dziura, this message will appear across social media and in the company’s ads.

While GetBullish successfully ships tens of thousands of packages a year, Dziura quipped, “Needless to say, we’re not billionaires and we aren’t using this to build private spaceships.”

The woman-owned GetBullish shop can be found at

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