New Kind’s 4 best ways to get a baby sleeping more at night

November 04 11:04 2021
Expert tips to help build a solid foundation for sleep, especially during those first 4 months.

It’s a fact of life: every parent of a newborn struggles with sleep. A team of postpartum doulas interviewed for this article has helped hundreds of families get more ZZZs, and the tips below are their go-to strategies for getting baby more nighttime rest.

Let’s dive into their top 4 tips! To read an extended version with all 7 ways to get a baby sleeping longer at night, visit

1. Create a sleep-friendly environment

‍This means darkness (use blackout shades if necessary), a sound machine to provide white noise, and a temperature of about 68º-72º.

2. Feed baby every 2.5 – 3 hours during the day

‍‍Maximizing daytime feeds means that baby will be less hungry at night. It’s perfectly fine to wake a baby up from naps during the day to feed them…especially if it means more nighttime sleep for everyone! The exception to this recommendation is during the first week for breastfeeding parents when they will need to breastfeed more frequently to help establish milk supply. Within a few weeks, the baby should be able to go 2.5 – 3 hours between daytime feedings (read more at

3. Work on putting baby down drowsy but awake

Parents may have heard of this before (and maybe many thought it sounded impossible!) but this is one of the best ways to help a baby learn how to get themselves back to sleep on their own. Parents can start practicing this method as soon as the baby is born, and we recommend doing it at least a couple times per day by the time the baby is 4 weeks old. Parents’ goal is to get to the point at which they’re putting the baby down drowsy but awake for all naps and nighttime sleep.

4. Try adding a dream feed

‍A dream feed (read more at is when a parent wakes a baby up for their last feed of the day, typically between 9:00 – 11:00 pm. When it works, it helps both the parent and the baby get the longest stretch of nighttime sleep at the same time. The goal is to do the dream feed 2-3 hours after their bedtime feed and right before the parent goes to sleep.‍

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New Kind is an easy way for new parents to get the expert support they need. Certified postpartum doulas and newborn sleep experts can help build personalized sleep and feeding routines, get more sleep for the whole family, and answer all questions about newborn care.

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