Balanced Body Functional Medicine Points the Way to Excellent Health at Any Age

November 04 06:15 2021
Balanced Body Functional Medicine in Sugar Land, TX, explains to Texas residents ways to improve their health, extend their life, avoid diseases, and feel their personal best.

Sugar Land, TX – Health addicts are people who know what is important in life. They know that if a person is not healthy, all the other life accomplishments don’t matter much.

At Sugarland Balanced Body Functional Medicine, we love health addicts. They know that proper nutrition is the basic building block for healthy bodies. As your guide to perfect health, we will perform MICRONUTRIENT TESTING & IV NUTRITIONAL THERAPY Houston.

At Balanced Body Functional Medicine in Sugar Land, practicing physician, Dr. Julia Ward will perform blood tests that measure the nutritional deficiencies that people might experience at the cellular level.

Typically, between 31 and 35 different nutritional components are tested. Some of the blood components tested include vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids found within the white blood cells. Just because a Houston resident takes a multivitamin pill to be healthy doesn’t mean that their body is absorbing and using those micronutrients in the pill form.

Micronutrients are important because if NUTRITIONAL THERAPY Houston reveals that a person is deficient in different vitamins, fatty acids, and metabolites, then this will affect that person’s overall health. In addition, some micronutrient deficiencies cause inflammation that leads to chronic diseases.

Other micronutrients allow the body to produce enzymes and hormones that are needed for daily health. But, unfortunately, scientists know that most people have a chronic illness deficiency in one or more micronutrients.

Micronutrients are fragile. The amount that a person needs varies according to their age. Young children have far different needs than elderly people. Doctors have long known that absorbing micronutrients from food becomes harder and harder as the body ages. 

Not only that, but some medications can change micronutrient requirements. In addition, alcohol use, stress, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking will greatly impact micronutrient absorption. 

Since the whole point of the Balanced Body Functional Medicine clinic in Sugar Land is to bring people to their highest level of health, Dr. Ward has the solution for micronutrient deficiencies.

Dr. Ward administers cutting-edge technology to bring clients up to their highest health. This process is called IV Nutritional Therapy in Houston. Because the body is not absorbing nutrients from supplements and foods, Dr. Ward uses an IV drip to get the nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Because IV Nutritional Therapy at Balance Body Functional Medicine clinic goes directly into the bloodstream, it bypasses the digestive system. It gets the nutrients to the cells where they are needed.

About Balanced Body Functional Medicine

After spending over 20 years as a primary care physician, Dr. Lisa Ward was researching bioidentical hormones when she became interested in the new field of functional medicine. She was pleasantly surprised that functional medicine is a holistic approach to healing and health rather than focusing on diseases.

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