EGLOO cam S4 – Home Security Camera for Baby Monitoring & Pet Care

November 04 03:12 2021

The greatest advantage of a smart home is that it is possible to observe what’s actually going on when out of the home, and the home can be viewed and controlled in real time. Smart home cameras are mainly widely used for monitoring children and pets, and for security. Functions vary from device to device, but it is possible to check the live screen in real time via indoor cameras, and recorded video makes it possible to monitor what has been happening in the home.

However, not all cameras are created equal. The EGLOO cam S4 is a camera that was finally released after undergoing thousands of quality tests following meticulous planning and development for the main customer base in the planning phase. First of all, indoor security cameras should be easy to install and use, and it should be possible to set up several cameras. Also, the first thing that catches the eye is the appearance of the camera. It must be carefully designed while also being pleasing to the eye. It’s good for a camera to look like a camera, but depending on the interior design, a design that is not too conspicuous may be preferable. EGLOO cam S4 is optimized for childcare, pet care, and overall indoor monitoring of the smart home.

Smart home camera EGLOO Cam S4 adds several smart home IoT functions to the conventional indoor camera, enabling simultaneous monitoring and management of the home using a smartphone app. It is equipped with such functions as 24-hour video recording and storage, and an alarm function using sound/motion detection. With a built-in temperature/humidity sensor, it is possible to check the temperature/humidity inside the home from the outside in real time with the EGLOO cam S4, and the built-in smart remote control function can be used to control electric appliances such as air conditioners and TVs, making it suitable for child and pet care in addition to security.

The EGLOO cam S4 has a wide field of view of 142 degrees and 360-degree pan/tilt control, making it possible to monitor without blind spots. It also supports full HD video and has a built-in night IR LED to provide clear images even at night or in the dark. Recorded video can be saved in the EGLOO Cloud developed and operated by TRUEN, the manufacturer of EGLOO cam, or saved to a micro SD card.

For subscribers to the EGLOO Cloud service, a thumbnail is provided next to the recorded video time bar to enable viewing of recorded footage and the ability to quickly look around the home. It also provides automatic human and animal tracking and has a preset function, making it possible to memorize positions and move to positions at the push of a button as coordinates are presented on the video screen. This preset function is easy to use when controlling home appliances in specific locations in the home with the smart remote-control function while monitoring the camera footage in real time.

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EGLOO is TRUEN’s smart home brand launched in Korea in 2018 with the aim of providing the latest home smart technology to homes around the world. As a leader in smart plugs, smart home remote controls, smart home CCTV and reliable smart home security products, TRUEN is committed to providing innovative smart home products and reliable security solutions to every home around the world.

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