Youxing Shark Woodworking Glue has paid full attention to the environmental protection problem of glue

November 03 20:18 2021


China’s two part wood glue industry has developed rapidly and has now become the world’s largest woodworking glue producer. At present, the environmental protection of wood glue has always been the focus of all walks of life, but most gluemanufacturers cannot pass the environmental protection qualification at all.

Different from other wood glue manufacturers, Youxing Shark Woodworking Glue has paid full attention to the environmental protection problem of glue from the beginning, and its products have reached the environmental protection test index, which is the real environmental protection glue in the industry. Youxing Shark Woodworking Glue has insisted on making environmentally friendly glue since its establishment, although insiders continue to throw out some profitable products, such as universal glue and oil-based glue. But Youxing shark brand resisted the temptation and refused to make fast food products. “Environmental protection, water-based, safe, non-toxic” are the brand values ​​of Youixng Shark.

Youxing Shark water based adhesive has a number of patented information technologies, and it has a competitive advantage in the production of environmentally friendly glue. When most of the glues still follow the old formula, the shark has begun to take the lead, constantly starting from the problems of customers, introducing and learning advanced foreign machinery and equipment, and constantly innovating more environmentally friendly glues, which are sold at home and abroad. Become a leading brand of environmentally friendly glue.

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