Hindsight Rated Launches on iPhone and Android

November 03 19:51 2021
Hindsight Rated is a new app for iOS and Android that allows businesses to rate their customers.

The app has been in development over the past year with input from business owners, industrial and organizational psychologists, customer service specialists, and others. The app’s goal is to provide the tools necessary to build a strong, quality customer base by letting businesses rate their customers and share those ratings with other businesses, letting them see the history of new and potential customers. Businesses can now know who they are dealing with before any money changes hands or time is invested—a feature that can potentially save the company time, money, and stress.

Gavin Hesketh, the founder, and CEO of Hindsight Rated talks about the motivating factors that led him to create the app “As a business owner myself, I understand that starting your own business requires hard work, sacrifice, plenty of luck, and hundred-hour weeks. Hiring the right people and using the right suppliers to provide the quality expected of your business are things you can control, but customers, not so much. I wondered how many other business owners had similar negative customer experiences? I looked for a better approach, and since I couldn’t find one, I made one”.

The Hindsight Rating App fosters mutual respect between customers and the providers of goods and services. This, according to Michael Johnson, an Industrial and Organizational Psychology consultant, “strengthens the relationship between the business and customers. This helps companies retain great customers, showing them that they are valued by the business via an email sharing their customer rating. This approach provides a mutually beneficial relationship that helps everyone get the most from the interactions, bringing peace of mind to businesses by providing them with a tool to make informed decisions on customers”.

The Hindsight App lets businesses review customers with a quick tap, across four key metrics:

• Easy to work with
• Clear demands
• Pays promptly
• Would recommend

Customers are rated on a 1-100 scale, allowing for a more sensitive and accurate rating than the standard 1-5 rating system. All members of the Hindsight Rated community are required to give photo ID when onboarding to keep the community accountable and safe. The Customer Search function lets businesses search for registered customers, both business and residential, as well as share their rating with the customer via text or email.

The Collections feature also enables you to produce documentation such as quotations, invoices, and lien release forms. To make the payment process easier, the Hindsight Rated App maps out the time frame that each payment request was sent, providing the end-user with a concrete timeline to avoid unfortunate consequences. With this feature, there’s no confusion about what needs to be done next and it can make things easier for both parties that are involved if a payment is missed or delayed beyond the agreed-upon date.

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