Synergetic, a New Eco-Friendly Brand From Europe Now on the U.S. Market

November 03 16:36 2021
This ultra-concentrated powder laundry detergent is tough on stains, soft on the skin, and great for the environment.


“Powerful inside. Convenient outside.” This is what Synergetic Powder Laundry Detergent is all about. Compared to regular detergents, this ultra-concentrated powder laundry detergent is not only 6x smaller, 6x lighter, and leaves 6x less carbon footprint, but it is also more efficient.

Ideal for Travel

This laundry powder is ideal for travel and those who need a hypoallergenic product. It is harmless to children and does not contain any fragrances. The founders of Synergetic themselves travel a lot with children and go to laundromats, so they want to make doing laundry as simple as possible. Therefore, the washing powder is produced in convenient pre-measured packages for a single load. Now you won’t have to travel with separate laundry powder for the baby and the rest of the family. Synergetic is mild enough to use for everyone.


The Synergetic team is all about providing proven results. They care about the sustainability of their production, the composition of their products – which are all based on herbal ingredients – and of course, nature. This is why all the products are biodegradable and have recyclable packaging.


Those interested in purchasing Synergetic can choose between 50 packets, 100 packets, and 150 packets, which are priced at $19.89, $37.89, and $44.90, respectively. A single packet is enough for one wash or load of laundry.

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About Synergetic

Synergetic is a laundry detergent company that uses only the highest-quality European plant-based ingredients so that each and every wash is safe and gentle on the skin.

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